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Brillant Weblog Award ( for real??)

Steph gave me this award.  I don’t feel like I deserve it, but that is also how I feel about God’s love, mercy and forgiveness.  It’s all bigger than the little brain I have.  If you haven’t visited Steph please do, read through her posts…she is authentic, fun, loving, honest, and struggles with this life like the rest of us.  I have been blogging with her over a year, and she is like a sister to me.  She is definitely an encourager, and I am blessed to have her in my life.  So that said, I am humbled that she would give me this award, on the grounds that whenever she comes here, she gets Jesus.  WOW what a huge compliment!

Last week I had thought and wondered if I am still showing Jesus like I set out to do when I started blogging, or have I become laxed and started to mesh.  After praying I thought I really need to step it up and get back to what is important and show a little love (for cryin out loud). Keep me in line! tell me when I am not showing Jesus, and when I need to show a little love!  I will honestly love it.

I am passing this one to just a couple princess’ who have not only stoled my heart, but with out fail, have pointed me back to Jesus a number of times…There are many I could give this too…some of you hate this kind of stuff…and some would not pass it on…so….drumroll please….

Heidi, Tanya, Debs, Tam, Trina, Birgit, Michelle…please visit these girls, and give them some love from me…I do love them..and yes they have always been there and pointed me back, even when I could not see a thing.  Always reminding me in thier writings that we walk by faith and not by sight… LOVE THEM!



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100% Free, all for GOD’s GLORY

Yesterday, we at Calvary Bible Church had our first Block Party, an outreach to the community.  As I have said before, outreach is also an in reach to the congregation.  All who were there were blessed! God is always good, and watching HIM work is my favorite thing!  Some people from the church that don’t usually show up for things were there helping, and enjoying the fun.  At one point, some counted about 150 people, and 60% of them do not go to church.  Amazing!  There was live music by Praise365, along with the praise band, a puppet show, games, prizes, a dunk tank, and bouncing Giraffe.  Also a ton of food!  Hotdogs, brownies, cookies, rice crispie treats, chips, cotton candy, soft ice cream, drinks.  Did I mention that everything was FREE…hahaha there were a few little boys who kept asking me about different things and asking if that was free too!  For four hours our parking lot was busy, and people were experiencing what FREE and random acts of Kindness were all about.  Here are a few pics…


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