Daily Archives: July 2, 2008

some pics – just because!

   Praise365 (Scott) and inWorship (Brent) seemed like they were brothers from the word “hello”

  inCahoots(Kass) and trinalove(Trina) loving on each other like sisters that grew up together, but only met last thursday.

  little men!!! “I am Derek and you are not” and “inCahoots” (Kota)  They haven’t stopped talking sports since they said “Hello”

Some one for everyone!  pics of me and Tam will be in the next post…God is so good!  How very awesome it is to see all that God is doing and has created in different places…and then to see how HE takes the heart and causes so much love in it for someone you only just physically met, and makes it feel like you have known and loved them forever.  I am amazed and standing in Awe!



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