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Faithful 24/7

God is always faithful.  NOT just sometimes but all the time.  It’s one of the things that I love the most about HIM.  HE is all that HE says HE is, and HE is all that and more 24/7.  Beautilicious!  The Great I AM, is exactly what I am needing at any given time of the day, and always faithful to do just that.  Its really on me to look to HIM and ask.  HIS character is flawless, and HIS beauty surpasses anything this earth has for me to view. (and after Oregon, that is almost hard to swallow, but still true)  HIS mercy/compassions are new every morning…we breathe because HE gives that to us, and when we gaze upon a sunset or sunrise…its hard to imagine-but try-HE has saved the best for eternity.  I know I have heard the whole thing about gases and pollution being the cause of color in the sky. But you know HE could have made it black! ahhhh but He didn’t. 

Its okay to think that HE did it all for you, because He did, although HE also did it for others, YOU were always on HIS mind.  Do you love that?  HE knew that today I would look out the window, and just love the colors in the flowers and the greens in the trees, and that I would laugh at a raindove pretending to have a broken wing as it tried to get me move farther away from its nest.  HE knew when HE created the eagle that I would sit and watch it for hours, and be in awe of what it meant to really “rise up on wings like eagles”. 

I am at this place right now, because HE does not let go, HE brings me back to where I need to focus, and HE places prayer warriors like a hedge of protection around me.  Thank you Jesus!  I have seen so many answers this week, and some of them literally holding me up with each step.  This is the kind of GOD we serve, one who is happy with HIMself, loves HIS children, runs to them when they call HIM, and when they need to rest,…He lies them down, and cuddles close and reminds me of how much I (we) mean to HIM.  This is relationship..I am praying tonight that you all have it, or that you will soon be amazed at what HE will show to you, and or do to keep you close to HIM.  Sweet!



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