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Christians rant? WHAT!

We can debate theologies til we are blue in our face or til Jesus comes!  Would someone please tell me what does it serve, or better who does it serve?  The great commissioning doesn’t say anything about it, and I am guessing that once we have fullfilled the original plan then we can have at it. 

But where is the Love? Where is the hope?  Where is the faith? sometimes we honestly have to accept things, and believe that God knows and HE has a plan… Sometimes we cause more pain instead of healing, and most of the time we forget that someone may be listening or watching our carelessness, who may very well be on the edge of believing. What are we portraying in our everyday lives, in our blogs, and in our humor? 

I want to portray Jesus in all that I do.  Even in my blog… I am not a follower of Matthew Henry, I am not a follower of Calvin, I am not a follower of who ever else may be used for debate…I am a follower of Jesus Christ, and child of GOD, and for the record…GOD is not silent, and if you ask HIM, I believe HE will tell you what you need to know for today, and the Holy Spirit will guide and teach you what you need to learn in the HIS perfect timing.

OUTREACH- so many are writing about it, and honestly are you doing it? or just telling others how they should?  Sitting home and blogging about it doesn’t constitute doing anything, unless of course you are called to instruct…mmmmm

YES christians, Christ followers are human, we screw up, we live life like every one else..we repent, we are forgiven..and sometimes we rant!



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