Time to go home! Why?

The 4th of July with good friends! Does it get anybetter than that??  Our vacation and trip to Oregon is closing in on me fast, and yes there are tears, and probably will be throughout the day.  But I need to remember to praise God for every minute of this trip.  HE has been so awesome in showing off HIS creation, and giving us eternity friends that I know will just keep growing. 

The Hodges and the Hannafords are totally awesome people, and loving them is very easy to do.  They have been the most accomodating, the most genuine people I have ever met.  I am praying this morning for God’s hand of blessing to be on them and for all they have done for us and with us to come back to them 100 fold! 

Leaving Oregon today, but not leaving the friendships, and the family I have here.  I just know I will now be more persistent in waking early to get on line and look for them.  I am sure I need to keep my unlimited texting on my phone, and already thinking about how to get them to PA to see some more of thier East coast family.  GOd is good all the time!  when I get home I will post some more about our trip , all of our awesome kids, and looking for a web cam…that was too much fun!



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7 responses to “Time to go home! Why?

  1. tam

    the pilot just called.

    the plane broke.

  2. We are going to miss you guys…

  3. we are all going to miss you all…but we will keep in close touch…and you will soon be saying.. “Didn’t Darla go home???”

  4. It was fun to experience your vacation vicariously. I’m so happy y’all hit it off and now have family on the West Coast. God is so good to His children.

  5. Deborah


  6. Heidi

    This is a PRICELESS moment!!!

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