Step right up to the microphone-Testimony Tuesday


Newsboys song comes into my mind this morning…”Step right up to the microphone,..Theres only one way! … if you don’t know than you need to be told.”

Today I am going to do something different, “Testimony Tuesday”.  I will begin and you my readers will comment and testify! Sounds good?

I have been on an incredible journey with Jesus.  Through out my life before Hubs, I really did not know one man who didn’t want to hurt or use me, or minipulate me (except for my grandpa, and my step dad).  But Father love and care, I didn’t know.  I made endless mistakes with men due to a subconsiencious burning to know it.  I didn’t know that all that yearning was my Father God pulling me to himself, and wanting to fill that empty void.  Only God knew that all my life I have looked at fathers loving on thier babies at the park, and always turning to think, I have been so ripped off!  God has taught me lots, and still in a learning process.  Yeah some posts of great daddys still sting the wound a little, but mostly I can rise above it.   I have been teaching women for about 6 years now, and I have been teaching the things that HE has taught me.  Always amazed at the ones who approach me later and cry and rejoice over all that HE has spoke to them through the teaching.  Glory to God (definitely not me)! 

The last few months, it seems that every time I turn around-Fathers, great loving, leaving a legacy, children rejoicing in it, and how it should be.  Last week I had a talk with my Father of unfailing love as why does this still sting so much, and help me to be okay with the fact that I missed that part but I haven’t missed the best part!  I love the Lord more than I knew I could love anything.  HE makes it possible for me to live and breathe, and move and see things around me I never would.  I just kind of ended that time with HIM, “I guess we will all be grown in you and  in our bodies in heaven and it will be perfect, guess I missed it there too”.   God sent a stranger (you can read how it came about on Tam’s blog, “The beautiful Mess” in her comments-bajanpoet)to tell me that I haven’t missed it…and that stranger has never met me, and had no way of knowing the hugeness of his words to me.   I am blessed, and humbled at the way God moves heaven and earth and strangers to encourage HIS children, and I and you have not missed a thing in comparison to where we are going.  Be encouraged, we are not home yet.

Okay its your turn, I know God is doing great things, Praise you Father God!  



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11 responses to “Step right up to the microphone-Testimony Tuesday

  1. I totally understand what you are saying. My earthly father was passive, therefore he let my mother and step mother run the homes and he was silent. He even let sexual abuse go on and yet turned his back. This caused me to become a dominating women and I ruled our home. As I became closure to the father, I realized that I did not have reverance for Him. I had to forgive my dad and ask for forgiveness and I also had to do the same with my husband. This in turn caused me to revence the my Father more. If it had not been for Jesus, I would of never seen this. He not only healed my heart, he sent women to me that were struggling with the same thing. I am so blessed that women heeded the call that the Lord has for each of us and that is to minister to each other. I am who I am today because of beautiful friends, near or far. We hold each other up.

  2. Tanya- Amen! Praise the Lord great things HE does and is doing.

  3. tam

    First, Bajanpoet left you another comment on that post 😉

    I didn’t have an earthly dad, as you know. And God has done the same in me too. My view of men changed dramatically when I met the Lord.

    My testify tuesday story actually just happened. I was driving Kota home from school and he was saying he slept good last night. For a few nights in a row he hadn’t slept well at all. Waking up every hour, struggling to get back to sleep. I told him the last couple weeks that had been happening to me at night too. I said after a couple nights I realized the Lord was really trying to get me to hear him. He said…like Daniel? 🙂 I said after I realized this I started listening. Although it still took me several more nights to really hear Him…I finally did. Kota asked what HE said… I told him that God just wanted me to go out and spend a little time with Him. “That’s what He told you mom?” Yup! “WOW! I am soooo gonna listen next time!” “Are you waking up at night anymore mom?” “Only when I haven’t spent time with God. He really wants our company Kota.”

    It was such a great moment!!!

  4. Tam- I love how God opens doors for us to pass down our heritage in Christ to our children, precious! and I know about getting woke up to read my Bible, and spend some time with sweet that HE wants to spend time with us!

  5. Darla,
    Thank you for sharing that! You sound like me. 😉 I know that twinge you speak of.
    I watch Jake with the boys sometimes and I think “I wonder how that feels to them? To be having a great time with their dad. To know that their dad loves them and will always be there. To know that they have a GOOD great dad.” I don’t know how that feels, to have the good kind of dad love. I only know twisted dad love, and that’s love you can live without. 😉 Amen! 😆

    There is this song that I heard in church a hundred times when I was younger. I haven’t heard it in forever, and I can’t remember exactly how it goes, but everytime we sang it, it reminded me that God is my Father and he will NOT let me down and he will always be there for me. I love knowing that. But evenstill, the longing for an earthly daddy never leaves I don’t think.

  6. Hey, when are you coming out here this summer? Is it set already?

  7. tam

    Oh yes Ma’am it’s set. June 25th!!!! It can’t get here quick enough either!!!

  8. bajanpoet

    Well, first, when Tam let me know that Darla’s written about me in her blog I just had to come check it out 😉 I’m awestruck (AGAIN) at God. WOW – I didn’t know… just spoke out what I saw in my spirit… YAY GOD!

    Now, my testimony…. where should I start? Man, I don’t want to write it out again – yeah I’m that lazy. LOL Anyway, go to
    to read my last foray into faith with God 😀

  9. I feel very fortunate that I had a great earthly father. i am still trying to be a good example of a father. With my Heavenly Father’s help I will.

  10. Thanks for all the comments on testifying! you all rock!!

    Bajanpoet- I rejoice with you! and saying a prayer that you will always hear HIS voice so clearly, you have encouraged me greatly in the name of the Lord!

    Tam-you know I love you girl!
    Brandy/Papa- hope everyone is starting to feel better..always love your input 🙂

  11. What a great idea! Testimony Tuesday. It is neat getting to hear or rather read your story. I have been blessed.
    Much love,

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