AWARD-Blogging with a purpose


Princess Steph gave me this award.  Bloggin with a Purpose…I know the Lord is in the things I write about, and everything I write is for HIS glory to use however HE wants.  But I am not the only one…HE has many many workers out here in Bloggsville, Earth.

I am passing this on to Tam-even in her randomness she touches my heart with Jesus.  God’sgal-she has a way of drawing out the debate, and that is a purpose in its self, nothing like a good debate to sharpen up the digging tools.  Heidi-her perserverence is always an encouragement to me, Jenny Hope-she can preach to me at any given time, and I will be shaken my head, saying uh huh, amen, thats so right!, Princess Shonda-her purpose sometimes I think is to keep me remembering to stay real and the importance of it.   My Twinkle-she has me blushing reading through the Song of Songs, Can’t forget Papa!! (amd Mama) I really love you all, and if you are on my blogroll, you are precious to me, and God has a purpose for each one of you to blog…do it, give God some glory!!



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10 responses to “AWARD-Blogging with a purpose

  1. tam

    Amen, Givin’ Him glory right now!!!

  2. wooohooooo we need us a real loud give HIM som glory party!!!

  3. Me??? Draw out a debate???? LOL 😆 Love you girl, and praising Him with everything inside! There’s some singin’ in the Heaven’s goin on right now…Bless your people Lord, we love you!

  4. GG- adore you! I love that you are a thinker, and hope to someday be able to keep up with you. 🙂 God sends thinkers to your blog, and you do real well!

  5. you are so precious Darla! I have been sitting here just worshiping the Lord in song and my heart is just so tender to Him. I love you and your blog princess! you are such an encourager! =) love jenny
    ps I hope you feel better!

    This world is empty pale and poor compared to knowing you my Lord…lead me on and I will run after You…that is my current lyrics from watermark

  6. HI Darla – I enjoy your blog, “with a purpose” – I am quite sick though. I am running a temp with this nasty cold. I think I will go to the doc tomorrow. I am not “blogging” much today! :o( Mama is giving me TLC on demand! So bear with me a few days!

  7. Yay!! I’ve worked very hard to make you blush this month! I can’t believe I just sat here for hours posting my last post for the Song of Solomon…Chapter 8.
    Come visit and read through my post. Wow…but it was awesome feeling the brotherhood of Jews and Christians. And my heart was broken finding images of the persecuted church. I couldn’t post some of the horrific images I came across, but I am burdened to remember those in persecution. This chapter reminds me that love is so much stronger than hate.
    And I loved your post about “Holy, holy, holy.” Great ponderings…and thanks for the award, Princess Darla.

  8. Heidi

    I come back from a vacation weekend to this.

    I GIVE HIM ALL THE GLORY.. without him I’m little without a voice… He has done miraculous, I mean miraculous things in my life and the world of blogging!!!


  9. You’re such a precious princess. Thank you for awarding me and letting me know that I have a purpose. I pray that what ever I do, write or say will be for HIS glory.
    Blessings in Christ–

  10. Awwww…. there is a lot of love here! 🙂 Let it all be for His glory!

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