Daily Archives: February 18, 2008

Call on Jesus

Call on Jesus, HE is always there and always ready to jump in and lead us in the right direction.  This song/video does good to my soul, and turns me around to overcome the madness that is around me.  I saw Nicole C Mullen a couple times, but the last time I was close enough to see her heart, and the love she has for Jesus.  She totally believes and lives what she is sending out in song.  I love when it is visible that a belief system and theology come together. 

Have a great Monday and start the week calling on Jesus!  I don’t even want to start this week without HIM, so for me, I am calling on HIM even before I get dressed…

Yahweh! This day begins because its a gift from you.  Thank you.  Please help us to not grow weary in our walk with you.  Help us to remain focused and eyes on you throughout this day.  You are our everything, I pray that it shows on us today.  Nothing is too hard for you, and rescuing us is your desire and will.  How great is our God!



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