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Black Ice, 45 mph winds, Torrential Rain, Flooding

That is exactly what I faced the last three days.  Overwhelming weather conditions.  All Powerful God!  I love how our Father shows off!  This week I watched as cars bounced off bridge embankments like a pinball game, ambulances and firetrucks seemed to be all around me.  Sounds terrifying..and it could have been.  But I have an intense awareness of how God went before me, surrounded me, and protected me  through each moment.  I barely even felt the tires slide or had one bit of a hard time driving the bus.  I  know that several times I became aware of my unrepentant heart, and my stubborn pride, which again I lay down at HIS feet.  Very humbling when you realize none of what is happening to me is me, and none of this do I deserve in any way. 

I stand in awe of my Creator, my Almighty King, my Daddy, Lover of my soul, my peace and my joy.  My great I AM.  HE hems me in, HE goes before me, HE restores my soul, HE makes me secure, HE sings over me, HE is the music and the dance (without HIM I have neither), HE knows my love language and pours it on me without a selfish thought, HE is enthralled by my beauty ( and I have no earthly beauty), HE sees the finished me-refined and worthy to be called HIS bride.  HE gives me do-overs and never tires of my redundancy. HE takes my head in HIS hands and lifts my face and does not allow the past to have a hold on my future.  Did I say I stand I awe?  its more like bowing everything there is in me to HIM, and just knowing that I will never be able to praise HIM enough, and HE still wants me, HE still knows what I will stumble over another day, and it is all good with HIM.  I hope and pray you know HIM like this.  If you don’t, it is real easy..just tell HIM you want to know HIM like this! Told you it was easy!

I have some new blogs on my roll, and would love for you all to check them out. God is awesome to place so many of HIS children here in blogsville, and so many are so encouraging.  Do you wonder what HE is doing?? I do, but for today I am just thrilled that HE is always doing something on the behalf of those who love HIM.  Check out Tanya, Heidi,  Indian Lake Papa, Adam, Ed.  You will be glad you did!



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