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excellentawardblog.jpg     Tanya (on the blogroll) has awarded me this award! I am humbled that anyone would think that, as I am far from arriving! LOL But thankyou Tanya!

I am giving this award to Jenny Hope, Heidi, Fran, Leah, Twinkle, Shonda, Kathy at Sumballo, Angela, Steph, Ang-LSOF, GG and Tam  these woman totally encourage me to strive for excellence or at least stay focused on the Excellence in Christ, if your name is not on my list don’t be discouraged…memory loss is the first sign of Menopause, it stinks don’t want it, you will be disappointed..  🙂  Please do award yourself!



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Random Thoughts again

Isaiah 40: 26 Lift your eyes on high and see who has created these things…

Ponder on that.  I have been beating myself up with what is the big deal if a person believes in Creation as I thought if they see God in me and in my life that it works God will change the heart.  I still believe that but there is this verse which I also feel compelled to take to heart.  Isaiah was talking about the idolatry and the hearts of the people so easily swayed by what they could see and reason with, and Creation as being the thing that showed God’s power and handiwork.  For myself that always speaks volumes to my heart.  When I am down, or confused a ride to an isolated place and speaking my heart to God in that place as always brought me home with a new perspective.  So after reading this and pondering on it, I am thinking that it would be incredibly difficult if possible at all to give the Lord your heart if not believing HE is Creator.  I know there are tons of debates on line about this, and all of them inconclusive, no minds changed.  I get weary in the whole debate thing.

Today I choose JOY, this is the day the Lord has made, and I will rejoice and be glad in it!  If you are reading this and are not a believer, I can only tell you that Jesus did die for you, and lives for you as well.  And HIS Father is the creator of everything you see, and is in control of all things, and does have a plan.  It requires faith to walk this walk, and it can’t be explained as who can describe and explain conclusively an infinite Almighty God.  Choose HIM and Choose Joy.


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