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Divine Heart Check-up

It  happens to the best, most centered Christains I know, and it happens to me, and if it hasn’t happened to you then it will, or you may be in denial.  Sad but true!  Things can be going well around us, and then something happens that triggers something else deep with in.  We respond poorly,  and then give glory to the enemy.  Don’t get me wrong I’m sure his dirty hands are in on it, but ultimately our choices are ours.  The enemy knows our heart condition, and where it has been betrayed, abused, neglected, even ripped out and laying on the floor for us look at. Yeah you know what I am talking about. But he knows so he sets us up to make the same or new poor decisions all based on the heart condition deep with in.  It all sounds very discouraging, and in fact without Jesus it is!  Here is the good news- If we consistently lay our heart completely on HIS altar and totally surrender it to HIM, HE can then move through all parts of it, and begin its healing.  I say consistently because we are so quick to decide that we had enough and we are totally good.  We are in danger when we think we have nothing or anything left for HIM to invade in us.  Honestly, if you were that good with life and all that perfected in Christ, you would be home with HIM.  For the rest of us who know we are in need of HIS touch, just like the woman who just had to touch HIS hem, HE is our Great Heart Physician. 

Lord, as we try even harder today to walk in obedience to the only One who truly matters, strengthen us to be bold in you, to let our NO be NO, and our Yes be Yes.  When you direct us to flee help us to run without wavering, and when you direct to be still, help us to make no excuses.  Lord, our hearts have been damaged some from the past, some from the very present, and some are still sure that they have no damage, help us to surrender each and every part of our heart to you, help us to be consistent in it.  I love you, and I am desperate for you to make your will be done.  Surrender.  Knees bent. Heart on your altar, a divine heart check up.  Thank you for your love, and patience, and for the way you want our damaged hearts so that you can gently bind them,and place your own supernatural healing on them.  How very blessed we are in YOU!



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