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Who do you say that Jesus is?

I certainly did not say who Jesus was?  I believe that HE is! Today we stayed home as we are fighting colds that seem to be hanging on forever!!!  Welcome to PA.  If you tend to get a cold in the winter you will keep part of it through out the winter til Spring.  But some sort of viral thing has been going around as well, so to be on the safe side and not to spread it to any of the older people at church, we stayed in today.  It gave me lots of time to just be in the Word and to draw close to Jesus.  It is my favorite thing to do.  So with my favorite blanky, favorite old tattered Bible, and my computer (with lots of Bibles in it) I settled in.

What a blessing it has been to have a cold! Who would have thought?  Jesus is everything to me, and God’s word is better than sitting on the shore line watching dolphins jump(and I love that).  Just knowing who HE is and how much HE cares about me is overwhelming in the best way.  Over the last few weeks I have been reading many various blogs and some I don’t generally visit.  Alot of views on who Jesus is, and even more on who HE was.  I really want to hear from all of you on who do you say Jesus is?? Come on, don’t be shy, come out of lurking and lay it on me…my next post is going to be about who I say Jesus is!



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