Daily Archives: February 14, 2008

Randomness is contagious!

Okay thank Tam for helping my brain run totally out of control today! You have to love her,  I do!  My post on the Holy Spirit will have to wait for the weekend but hey it is only a day and a half away.  My oldest daughter was just here to pick up candy from her mommy for valentines day.  So cute and so my little girl on Valentines, and then she turned into the mom and I was the kid.  She scolded me for making friends with people on line that I don’t know, and buying tickets to meet them.  What in world am I thinking???  I tried to explain that God things are just different from worldly things, and I really believe  God has a plan and I am riding this thing!  I love my blog friends, and only a couple of you do I actually have concern about…LOL 

Tam got me started on the valentine scam..you know not enough cards in the box for the amount of kids in a class!! well after reading it on her blog (please go read it!) I realized just how much of a scam it is, her numbers are targeted just below the norm of students in a class…ours is lower and our packets are only 20.  Whats up with that?!?

Godsgal posted an awesome acrostic for valentines day, and me well my brain is scattered, I have eaten too much chocolate and twizzlers, my chinese is heavy and if anyone looks at me and says meow I might get sick! 

Thank you Jesus for loving me even when I can not keep up with my mind.  Thankyou for knowing that would happen, and it didn’t make any difference in how you roll with me.    Happy Valentines Day Blogsville!  Jesus loves you and so do I!



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