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Making Wise the Simple

Psalm 19:7  The Law of the LORD is perfect, reviving the soul.  The statutes of the LORD are trustworthy, making wise the simple.

OK you know how I feel about this is God’s word and is nothing but truth to me!  I have a passion for the deeper things of God, and also a nagging reminder that I am not knowlegable in the greek/hebrew/latin.  I am the simple  🙂  but that is exactly what I think HE is saying in this verse.  I don’t have to know words that the common/everyday person requires their dictionary, although learning is a good thing.  So I press on to learn, but keeping in my sight that learning HIS ways are the most important.   The law of the Lord is perfect, the statutes of the Lord are trustworthy…if I take that in exactly as I read it (without commentary/not that there is anything wrong with commentaries), the instruction is clear….Follow the law of the Lord, HE can be trusted…where do we find such things…only in HIS Word.  The benefit of being obedient and staying close to HIS word is a soul reviving, and wisdom that comes from HIM.

What if…the Bible is just exactly as it is written…and the deeper things of God are the rewards for journeying closer to HIS heart??  What if you will truly be given a stone with your new name on from the Lover of your soul, and only HE and you will know that name??, what if the tree of life is not an emblem of Heaven, and is truly a tree that you must eat from upon entrance??  Okay you are thinking..”she is totally gone now”!  I am taking in the theology in these things, and considering them, but the only 100% truth that I can stake my life on is the Word of God.  God can not be tamed into something we approve of, HE is a total wild man, and as CS Lewis said of Aslan…”HE is not safe but HE is good”.  Adventure at your fingertips, boredom does not compute in this life.

Think about this..God created us to have minds that love fantasy…we love the whole beauty and beast thing…all men want to rescue thier love and slay a dragon, and all women want to be considered beautiful by their love…

Making wise the simple…mmmmm pondering on this, what does it make you think…or how do you explain it??



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