Blogging Bible Study – John 11 (Jesus is Life/Resurrection Power)

For sake of review:

*** all eleven chapters declare Christ’s Divinity

**Jesus proclaims life to various people in various different social circles, and presents HIM self as the giver of life.

* Nicodemus-offered eternal life (3:16)

* Samaritan woman- the water of life (4:14)

* Officials son and the lame man – restoring life (4:50, 5:5-8)

* Hungry multitude – bread of life (6:35)

* Believers in Jerusalem – rivers of living water (7:38)

* Blind man – the light of life (8:12, 9:35-38)

* Sheep who followed HIM – abundant life (10:10-11)

Read John 11(God’s word is sharper than any two edged sword and is alive and active Hebrews4:12…sometimes we need to crack our own open to hear HIS voice)

Now in chapter 11- Jesus proclaims HE is the resurrection and the life! -offering life after death…not only offering it, but providing it.  This is always amazing to me. 


Is there anything you will ever need from Jesus that will require more than the power of ressurection?  this questions stops me in my tracks! We have doctors who can heal and correct many things, including some sight issues, but no one who can raise from the dead.  Not only does Jesus raise from the dead, HE raised HIMself.  HIS power is limitless.  Hard to fathom but true.

Martha, love Martha…she is so typical of how we respond. We see the wonders of God, we know the stories, and we even believe (to an extent), and where our crisis of belief comes in is where it matters the most.  Martha knew and believed Jesus could heal her brother, she already believed in the resurrection of saints at the end of earthly time.  But when Jesus said to “roll the stone away”…Martha’s first response was …”Lord, he’s going to stink” (ADV)  I have always laughed at this..because I most likely would have said the same thing…Wonder how God in all HIS Holiness just did not say…The GLORY OF THE LORD DOES NOT STINK!? 

Philippians 3:10-11  My goal is to know HIM and the power of HIS resurrection and the fellowship of HIS sufferings, being conformed to HIS death, assuming that I will somehow reach the resurrection from the dead.

 Again there is so much in this chapter that many books have been written on it.  And sadly, this is just a blog entry..there are many to follow this week in this chapter of study, I encourage you to check out all of them on my side bar under “Carl’s Bloggin Bible Study”  go here and get the line up of who and when.



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25 responses to “Blogging Bible Study – John 11 (Jesus is Life/Resurrection Power)

  1. Excellent, Darla! No struggle is too big for our God. His resurrection power will see us through anything. He is the resurrection and the life. If we have Him, we too will have life — abundantly!

    Love it. You’re a quick one…I hope this doesn’t mean I have to be ready a day early. It ain’t gonna happen!

    I laughed along with you about the stink. Haha!

  2. Reading back through…thanks for the review…the succinct way in which you have shared each chapters theme.

    I appreciate you and love hearing your thoughts. 😉

  3. Lovin’ it. I loved the chapters review, too. God is so patient to repeat the same lesson over and over and over and over and over and over and over …

    and over …

    I love Him.

  4. Girl I am glad you posted early.. Mine will be later tomorrow night… Preparing to lead on God the Son tomorrow for DC.

    Everything is with in his power. My question is what we think “We” need with in his will?

    Peace and love sister.

  5. Daughter – the resurrection is the most powerful message in the bible!

    Without it – there is no hope!

  6. ck- “what we think “we”need within his will?” You know at first I didn’t understand this but ahhhhhh I get it. WE actually will no need in HIS perfect will, But I am so human, and the times I trip up and fall down on this road, I have neglected to ask my self…”what can this do for me that my King can not?” There is nothing greater than resurrection power…nothing compares to it. Thanks for stirring my brain so early. 😆 praying for you brother, peace and love

    ALL – I was early but it seems you all were ready for something. I will be back to check in later today…its great looking in the word with you all, be encouraged, and live out some of that power today! 🙂

  7. “will not need in HIS perfect will” 😳

  8. Every time someone give their life to Christ, someone is raised from the dead….Amazing…..

    I loved this chapter, love you too princess!


  9. Dan

    Lazarus’ regeneration and resurrection is a perfect picture of how DEAD we were in sin (we stunketh!). Have you ever thought of how Lazarus’ dead stinking body had to be ‘regenerated’ BEFORE he was actually raised? Otherwise he would have looked like someone from the “Night of the Living Dead”.

    In like manner, the Holy Spirit ‘regenerates’ us, so that we can hear the ‘call’ of Christ and changes the natural inclination of the rebellious heart so that we would respond to His call.

  10. Deb- love it too! and love you

    Dan- I have thought about that, and power of God is amazing to me, my brain is not big enough to grasp it…but somedays I just love trying to. And yes, when I came to Christ, the LORD knows how bad I stinketh! Thanking HIM again today for the cleansing 😉

  11. Darla.. I left out the comma…doh…But you got it figured out.. 😉

    My question, is what we think “We” need with in his will?

    Peace and love. DC was great today. A great group of guys, all wanting to grow as disciples.

    Peace and love

  12. PeregrinJoe

    “Is there anything you will ever need from Jesus that will require more than the power of ressurection?”

    Excellent question. Kind of puts stuff in perspective.

  13. Hi Darla! Thanks so much for stopping by my site and saying hello! Yes, I love that Jenny girl… I am looking forward to reading more of your blog… I too get a kick out of Martha’s response too and how some times we just miss the big picture because we are so focused on these other things… Oh that the Lord would fully open our eyes to see His magnificent glory and power that is available to us through Christ! Have an amazing day!

  14. Haha, I probably would have been afraid of the stench too.

    I like how you pointed out that all we need was accomplished through the resurrection. This IS the heart of the gospel. Sadly, I counted 7 Sundays in a row where the cross, the death, and resurrection of Christ were not mentioned even in passing in a sermon.

    Thanks for bringing this to the forefront.

  15. Nate- I hear you man! The whole deal for me is the resurrection..JESUS is the only god that is offered in all the cults that is ALIVE!! now that is something that should be in every service…we serve a rise savior! And Resurrection Power!! all I can say is WOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!

  16. serve a risen Saviour! 😳

  17. Dan – i am sure the crowd was glad that Lazarus came out as a living man! I think if I was there and saw him coming out I would have boogied – I have a curious side but not that curious! lol Your right, we stink until we are regenerated as well. great analogy!

  18. Thank you Jesus for Your most unselfish act.

  19. Heidi

    I just added this to my IPOD last night…. fits huh?

  20. Heidi

    Darla ( My princess)

    YOU INSPIRE ME… YOU fill me to an overflow..

    I love you so much!!!

  21. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog and sharing my excitement. 🙂 I never really believed all the people who say, “Boys are easier” … but now I hope they are right! 😉 Love you, Princess! Thanks for being such a blessing to me.
    We serve an amazing God.

  22. Carl, Joe, Nate, Michelle, Scott, Papa, Debs- it is an honor for me to study with you, and look forward to each blog entry … God is good all the time, I stand in awe of HIM and HIS heart, and resurrection power..amazing!

    April- I too love that jennygirl! THank you for stopping here, hope to see you again, thanks for your kind comment.

    Faith- girl your name fits you well! I have enjoyed this journey with you so much! You inspire me to keep pressing on, and to be an overcomer! Love you!

    Heidi- that vid is so right on!! I had forgotten about that song…LOVE IT..i may post it later this week just because 😉 I love you Princess, and you inspire me to overflowing…I love you so much!!

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