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Don’t forget– 911..


Don’t forget this…I know that some of you do not know anyone who was affected by this, but do you know people?  People who were not military, were killed for no other reason than that they were American.  Do you realize if homeland security is lessen instead of strengthened, it will happen again, maybe near you or your loved ones. 

The Lord is our hope, an ever present help in trouble times!

The children I had on my bus in elementary did not have a clue that it even happened…wake up! They are already forgetting…

Pray a prayer for these families who will never forget…and the ones who felt the fear..and watched silent skies…wondering if it was finished or not… This is our country, and we have become the saddest excuse for one…we don’t even care about each other, much less people we don’t know.  It saddens me…and I pray for God to have mercy on us…I would love for you to join me in that prayer.

My family will never forget 911, we will never forget how it swepted through our lives, and left us changed.  If not for Jesus being my HOPE,  I wonder if i would forget too, just to wipe it out of the memory, instead of looking in its face.

Where were you when this happened? and what did you do?

I called my husband..watched it on tv as it happened…and ran out to gather my children and bring them home with me…we huddled on the floor weeping and praying…and my son was 5 years old, and by the time I reached him, he already heard that “bad people were flying planes into buildings”…he prayed first and led the way for the rest..the faith of a child.  so tell me…where? and what?



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