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Conversations on the bus…

Things that were told to me just this morning…

6year old- beautiful dress- Miss Darla don’t I look just like a princess? (obviously this child has won my heart)

Me- absolutely…

6year old- thats because I am a princess-Big smile..(I did tell you she stole my heart)

Me- you are speaking truth!  Hope you don’t ever forget that you are a princess.


6year old boy-( my tylenol kid from last year) Miss Darla, I tried to bring you tylenol today, because its going to be hot..my mom said you have to get your own! 

Me- hahahahahhahahahahhaha thanks for trying.


9year old boy-(my sheep whisperer from last year) Miss Darla, that bunny you gave me in the summer is doing real good. Today I am going to try to put a leash on him, and go herd cows.

Me- I don’t think that is a good idea.

9year old- (Laughing) yesterday I let him in the barn, and the cows run from him (still laughing), my dad was so mad..it was great! (big smile)


10 year old girl- Miss Darla, why do boys stink?

Me- (trying not to agree or laugh) I don’t know, maybe its a boy thing, they grow up and they don’t stink then.

10 year old – these boys on the bus stink…and every grown up boy I know stinks too…can I sit with a girl?

Me- please sit with a girl….and its good that you don’t like boys yet..

!0 year old girl- yea! they stink…eeewwwwwwwwwwww



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