New template!?

Patience please as I am trying to find a new template that will allow me to post more things on my sidebar…like Pics seperately without flickr…maybe I won’t find what I am looking for but HEY I AM STILL LOOKING! Persistent huh?  yes

UPDATE: What do you think of this?? easier on the eyes…or just to dang girlie??



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22 responses to “New template!?

  1. i’m not really a fan of this one. but hey…you’re in my blog surfer…so i rarely see your site anyways. lol 🙂

  2. I like it….very soothing. 🙂

  3. Your a girl ???? yuk !! (smile)

  4. ooooooh aaaaah!!! very nice baby!!!

  5. Matthew- all opinions count, and you are in my blog surfer 🙂
    Steph- thanks I like that it is easy on my eyes, and may keep down the rants..LOL still undecided
    Papa- sssssshhhhhhhhhhhh don’t tell anyone…that was supposed to be a secret! all girl with girls and a boy 😯

    HEY BABY- thanks you are making big points today! 😉

  6. cool, i like big points!

  7. tam

    It looks florescent. If that’s what you’re going for then it’s a keeper 😀

    I can’t believe our girls talked through the WHOLE game last night! Kass had a great time! What a fun idea and thing for them to do…good call there Darla!

  8. Tam- not looking for the flouresant thing at all..just something that I can add more things too. Trina had a blast talking to Kass last night..i kept saying “is that still Kass?” 🙂 Trina talked about her as soon as she woke up this morning, they have the same sense of humor! we may be in trouble 😯 doubt it

  9. Got rid of the pink in the mix of color..does that take the flouresant out or tone it down?mmmm I think I am supposed to leave it alone for a little..mmmmm

  10. tam

    Yah, I have a feeling our kiddos are gonna get along real good this summer! Scary!!

    Did Papa say YUK to you being a girl??? He’s so funny!

    Whatever you decide for colors will be perfect!!

  11. Tam- been posting comments on papas blog..he is soon due for a good hijacking! haha for saying YUK to girls he sure is on the blogs 🙂 Gotta love that Papa! (you know that mama has her hands full)

  12. Darla,

    I like this look. I think it’s a keeper.


  13. Let me tell you about mama! She is so special that for Christmas I spent over 300 dollars to get her the best push mower. Next year I am going to get her one with a motor! Keep it quiet, it is suppose to be a secret! Our yard is only 2 acres so she can usually cut it in one day. If it is Saturday it takes longer — there are sports on TV and every once in awhile i have to blow my whistle. One blast is to get me more ice tea, two blasts she may have to run to town to get me some spicy wings. I just blew my whistle three blasts — here she comes with my slippers. Hummmm, thats funny, she never had a gun in her hand before??

  14. Papa-Mama is a woman after my own heart! Funny when I see her in the pic I see a woman of God with a gentle spirit. Just like the one I pray to have. You are a hoot! You totally make me smile! I am blessed to know you in the bloggin world!
    Leah- thanks for the vote..I am beginning to like it too! Praying for you and your ministry, you are such an encouragement to love love you!

  15. Mama is a very special lady! She is my bestest friend! I can cry on her shoulder and then laugh with her. Honestly, I can never remember her saying an unkind word to me. She is my spiritual mentor.

  16. ahhhhhh very nice….mucho liko!!!! Love you bunches…looks like you be havin some FUN here!!!

  17. Mary P

    not bad. kind of easier on the eyes even if purple is not my favorite color. course, i’ll read it no matter what the color just cause it’s you kid. love ya

  18. I like your template. It is really eye catching. I also like your entry for your tag. Talk to ya later. Tanya

  19. Heidi

    I go and get the flu and have my dell crash. Then I go an visit my friend and her webpage changed?!!!

    AWESOME Looking!!!!

    I love you!!!

  20. Heidi- good to hear you are feeling better, sad 😦 that your pc crashed! Does that mean I won’t read anything from you for a while? You can post in my comments..hey thats what friends are for!

  21. Heidi

    Thanks My friend,
    But my pc/laptop belongs to my company. it was re-imaged in a few days and had a back up the next day. So me stop writing no way hon… It was just all the journals I had kept that I am trying to back up.

    thanks for the invite though.
    love ya!

    this is an excellent way to get help with pc problems before spending big money on something that can be worked out for free! Just thought I would share the love!

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