No Way – Yahweh!

Lately myself and HUBS have been praying to be parents that show our children Jesus and not just instruct them.  Meaning, taking every moment and every open door to show Jesus, and the awesome way God takes care of us.  Giving God the credit that is due HIM and showing more of a humble heart. (Yes, the patriots losing was a huge piece of humble pie for me as I was a patriot orphan at my house)

My son has been riding with me in the mornings lately on the bus, so he is with me on the bus about an hour.  At 6:45 this morning the fog was incredibly dense, and about 10 feet of visibility.  I have already done this with the Lord so I knew HE would keep us on the road.  But I had forgotten about D(myson).  He was very quiet and then he said, “this fog is really bad, I can’t see very far”.  YAY! Open Door!!  We talked about walking by faith and not by sight, and how much God loves us.  We talked about the lessons God had taught me, that although I can’t see the sun, I know it is still there, and so is God. I felt my son, D have a calm over him, and soon he was full of chatter and a light sound to his voice. I spent the rest of my ride this morning just thanking God for how HE does take care of us, and how HE drives the bus! Wooohoooooo! this is a must see!  and most of all I thanked HIM for the way HE opens the doors and all we really have to do is be faithful to walk through them.  HE has shown me this time and time again, walk through the open door, and watch HIM move. Absolutely breath taking!! 

Father God, how very beautiful and intriguing you are to me today.  How very humbled I am that you hear us and answer us, how by your Spirit you prompt us to ask for the things we need.  How I thank you that you are making a personal connection to my children, this is priceless to me.  But then YOU know my heart.  Father, I lift up my blog friends, and the people I will come in contact with today, oh that I would glorify YOU in all that I say and do.  Please show us the way to love you more and know you more, give us obedient hearts, and hearts that are full to overflowing with thankfulness for the way you move heaven and earth on our behalf and to show yourself to a hurting world who desperately needs YOU, even if they think they don’t!  When the world and circumstances say NO WAY, Help us to remember to say YAHWEH!



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11 responses to “No Way – Yahweh!

  1. Your son learned to trust God just a little more. he also got a confidence boost in his mom – the bus driver (not sure about the driver part that is an assumption).

  2. Papa- God is good! I am praising HIM because I believe with all my heart that all good and perfect gifts come from HIM, sometimes that includes ice skating in a bus, and driving through fog without fear..the only good thing in me is Jesus! I know what I am capable without HIM, and so I try to remember to stand in awe of the my awesome God, and never take HIM for granted. Heading over to see if you have a new post yet?? 😯

  3. Kathy

    Hey Darla,
    I like your new template. What you said about open doors and just going through them really hit home with me today. I just flutter around sometimes trying to open doors all by myself…Thanx for the gentle reminder.
    God bless your heart.

  4. wow, I really know what you are talking about. Jeff and I have let God show us moments to share with the kids also. Of course, we homeschool and everything that we teach the children is Christ centered. But, we still need those moments that help us to hit our children’s heart. God bless you and keep following our God. He is good.

  5. Very cool girl! I’m still lurking around on a daily basis! Just wanted to send some comment love your way!

  6. Teri- I was just honestly thinking of you!! I am heading over right now!

  7. love the new look. Thanks for making me love Jesus even more! You are a blessing to me!
    Much love,

  8. I like the look! I really need to change my look… but I’m too lazy to figure out how! Sad I know. And this is a great post. My husband and I can so relate.

  9. Heidi

    I love it when we can throw the parenting magazines out and just bask in the instructions from Himself. Like the fog?? Who in the world would use fog for a lesson for us to talk about Jesus?? That sounds insane almost. But the connection was perfect. Godly perfect.

  10. Laurie Lloyd


    I just love the goodness of the Lord to use your time on the bus to not only bless other kids, but especially your own!!!
    He is so with you every day on that bus, especially when I read of the conditions you are driving in. It scares the daylights out of me!! I know this is one of the many reasons I pray for you. You are my kind of Girl and I love you bunches.

    Hugs, Laurie in Ca.

  11. tam

    “When the world and circumstances say NO WAY, Help us to remember to say YAHWEH!”

    Girl, you need to copyright that! That’s gonna stick with me forever!

    What a testimony of how much God loves His children! Even the one’s who don’t recognize they are His kids. I’ve just been thinking about that thought lately… Anyways… Can’t wait to meet your family Darla!

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