Same Old Song

Psalm 33:3 Sing to Him a new song

Psalm 40:3 He put a new song in my mouth…

Psalm 96:1 Sing to the LORD a new song

Psalm 98:1 O sing to the LORD a new song

Psalm 144:9  I will sing a new song to you, O LORD…

Psalm 149:1  Praise the LORD! Sing to the LORD a new song

Isaiah 42:10  Sing to the LORD a new song

Revelations 5:9 …and they sang a new song

Revelations 14:3 …and they sang a new song before the throne…

In and through out the Bible I have noticed when God is really stressing a point, that we often will over look HE will say it over and over and over..probably because HE knows how easily we don’t get it, how very good we are with it not getting it, and often we would rather sing the same old song.  Whether it be musically or in testimony, or in our day to day routines.  With each new song that HE has laid on my heart and on my lips, I am content with it.  But I am to want a new song, a new experience, and a new closeness to HIM.  That is really the only place where the new song developes. 

I was once very touched by a womans testimony, and after many years I heard it again, it didn’t have the same impact on me.  May be because I heard it before..maybe because I thought “wow, all this time and HE hasn’t done anything new in your life”… and I thought.. “sing a new song“, not  because the old is bad or has no relevance, but because what had once ignited her fire, seemed to be only a flicker.  While thinking this through, a few questions come to mind;

– Does the impact of the Lord on a heart start to fade without a new song, or experience?

-Isn’t life meant to be lived, therefore new experiences and a new song developes?

-Do I have a new song, do you?





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8 responses to “Same Old Song

  1. Cool post baby 😎

    Any reference to songs makes me smile but I think you are right, it’s more than that.

    Wake up it’s another day!!!

    Life is a song and it is meant to be lived and lived so that others may also have life!!!

  2. Wow, this is a brilliant post. I really know what you mean about keeping things fresh and alive with God. He is I AM. Present. Dynamic. Wanting relationship with us right now. There is newness and freshness in Him every day.
    If I find myself dwelling too much on what God has done in my life last week or last month or when I first became a Christian, then I know things are getting stale. There is something new He wants to do, a new song as you say, and then that inspires me to get before Him and find out what that is!

  3. Deborah

    Wow…speakin to me girl!!!! He started giving me a new song a few days ago about how He love me on the mountain with Him, but needs me in the valley with the people….Maybe scott can help me with it while he’s here!!!! Love you guys!

  4. Hmm … good food for thought. I think you are right!

  5. I LOVE this Darla!!

    Very inspiring.

    We are not to be stagnant, but moving and flowing – like a river being poured out.

    Thanks, Darla!!

  6. What a wonderful post and a great idea. I am off to post about what makes me smile and what I am grateful for right now. Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. TheNorEaster

    It takes a lifetime to live the music.

  8. mormonsoprano

    Very Nice – and so true!

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