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Bus Saga – Summer begins/School ends

This school year came to an end yesterday.  I am amazed at how God brought me to this job and actually trained me, more likely drove the bus, and allowed me to go along.  Praying for these children has become natural for me, they really are awesome people, and respond to kind words, although most don’t see that.  It rips my heart to know that most of them raise their self.  The only time Adults seem to have something to say is when they have done it wrong.  On all four of my routes, I have a couple who just pull my heart strings!  The schools would say that they are terrible, hard to deal with, headed for a life of crime.  NOT TRUE!  They need someone to listen to them, to esteem them, to be firm yet loving…and they are responsive. 

My “Goth” kids,on my HS route(not because they really are, but because its a shield to keep others out, and to identify each other as family-because they have none) didn’t ride the bus yesterday, but they did come to see me on the bus, and they brought me a donut and just wanted to tell me “have a good summer, and don’t forget to come back in the fall,..try to keep our bus”.  Then they were gone, but smiley..they had done something nice for me, and they knew I would miss them.

MS is a different group of needs, there are a few who just demand your attention all the time, and at different times have found thier seat to be up close to me.  I would rather give them the attention in a postive way, then do it through the correction system.  I didn’t think I was reaching the one young girl, but she got off my bus yesterday, and then ran back, jumped almost in my window… “will you sign my year book?”  I did. She was elated, and left me with a smile “Come back next year, and I will be older” LOL

Elem my five graders were full of tears, as they won’t ride with me next year, they are on a different route for MS and HS.  The young ones hugging and tearing the end of school… IAN- still whining, and yelling as the bus pulled away..”Miss Darla, I am going to miss you and I do need tylenol”!! My sheep whisperer, is now taking care of my bunny, as I didn’t want a bunny.

So I venture into the summer still working part time, and putting my kiddos all back in God’s hands again, praying so much for them to not leave here without HIM.  For HIM to place people around them that will show them HIS love and HIS kindness, and the selfish part of my prayer is that I will run into them this summer, even for a minute.

I am not sure about this theme..and I am not sure I am keeping it, I am just bored with the other one…Love you all..pray pray pray, its an awesome gift from God, and your prayer does count!



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