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Favorite Book of the Bible- meme

(if you are looking for the update to the HOPE CRUSADE IN PHILADELPHIA-GO HERE PRAISE365 but then come back!)


I was tagged by Michelle to name my favorite book of the Bible and why?  so although this was a hard one for me to nail down, I picked Hosea.  There is circumstances in life that lead me to other books to encourage me for different reasons…but I think I end up here most often.

Hosea- this books is a perfect illustration of our human defiance in  being faithful to God.  Also a perfect illustration of HIS mercy and faithfulness to do what ever needs to be done to turn us back to HIM.  HE does not let go.  Another thing is the way God led Hosea to marry an unfaithful woman, and to name his children things that would a painful reminder to him and those around him.  Wonder why?  I have pondered on that several times…but the answer I come to is so Hosea could see through God’s eyes.  That is most likely the reason we go through so much suffering, although we complain and stomp our feet..I think the lesson is to ask God to see it through HIS eyes…Just my thoughts.  While reading through Hosea, look specifically for God’s heart and actions…it really shines a light on HIM and put there for us.

Now I am tagging




Indian Lake Papa

Jenny Hope

If anyone esle would like to do this leave me a comment and let me know so I can come and read..or just post it here in the comments…I love the fellowship that comes from these types of memes!  Spread some love!

just a prayer call to add for you all to lift up!

My sister in Christ Michelle has been up against much opposition, and My sister in Christ Jenny Hope has pulled her neck and has a toddler and alot of commitments, we all need prayer, but for these two I know that they do, and God knows the details..just lift them up! Thanks I knew I could count on you!



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