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What Makes You Smile?

Last week Brent wrote a post about what makes him smile, and then posed this question..and as I tried to comment, it was obvious to me that I couldn’t make a simple comment and that I would have to post myself.  😀

What makes me smile

** Spending time with the Lord in the morning, uninterrupted, and HIS voice speaking to my heart.

** My Hubs, he works real hard to hold everything together, and his smile, is contagious.

**My children, when they are just themselves, silly, and content.

**Ministry makes me smile, when thinking GOD really lets me do this!

**the look in someones eyes when they really “get it”, and I get to see the transformation that Christ makes in a heart.

**Sunrises or sunsets, especially on a body of water…love the gold sparkle on the water!

**Color…love it!  Imagine the color GOd has saved for Heaven (HE is an artist, you know)

**Woods, love to walk in it, love to admire how awesome the Gardner is, truly makes me smile, and become speechless (can you imagine me speechless)

**My Pastor, a true picture of Jesus to me, and his love for Christ just spills in his teaching, and when he prays..I know I smile!

**the word “Vacation” BIG SMILE

**elementary kids who ride my bus..always something to smile about.

**the deliverance I have experienced…BIG Smile

**Babies, their eyes as they take in the world..and their determination to learn to be big.

**Puppies! Kittens!  watching them climb all over each other and then just pass out..smile smile smile.

**People do dumb things, including myself…smile! we are so not together like we think!

**blogging makes me smile, and the other bloggers too

** Fill in Friday makes me smile

**Knowing that today is a gift, and everything in it is for me (and you)


I spent most of my life without a smile, or tears or positive emotion in general…so I love that I can smile, laugh, cry, and that there is so much good in the world…we just have to look for it sometimes…everything is not grim and full of despair.

SO what makes you smile??



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