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Seeing GOD today?

Psalm 66:5   Come and see what God has done, how awesome his works in man’s behalf!  (NIV)

We live in an area that when the map shows rain it doesn’t show that it will miss my small community.  Praise 365 posted yesterday about what happened here last evening.  My daughter prayed over me for the break in humidity and barometric pressure as either will affect my allergy ashtma.  But she didn’t just pray, she prayed sacrificially (she is terrified of storms- sits on daddy and suffocates him) for a storm to not miss us, and thunder and lightning..”show us your lights show”.  She walked away not in doubt or indifferent, she walked away believing it was going to happen.  and with in  15 minutes we got it.  She was ecstatic, and giving God praise for HIS great works, HE answered her, and I was painfree with in that same half hour.   Seems insignificant to most, but there is a lesson to us all.  Want to see God work? Then believe HIM when HE does!  We are so stuck on saying things like “I want something big”, “How about parting the sea today and let me cross it”, “it would have rained anyway”. 

The children of God saw the sea part and they walked across it, on dry land…and still they fell in the wilderness and were not allowed in to the promised land, due to their unbelief.  We are as human as them.  I think God would like us to get excited over some things HE is doing in our lives and around us.  I think HE wants our attention and our Praise.  Why would HE show you something big, when you have totally kicked him to the curb, and did not acknowlege HIM when HE sent that bird to sit in your yard to sing for you?  We have become an ungrateful people. 

Good News! We can start today.  Giving it up for God! we give it up for our favorite musicians, favorite policital speakers, favorite entertainers…why not the Creator of the Universe, the one who is in total control?  Clap your hands! Jump up and down!  say thank you over and over and over! No one else is worthy!  Make it personal to you, because HE sees it personal with you. 

Come and See what God has done!




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The World vs. God ( as if..)

Our ignorance in what is good for us shows when we choose our ways (the way of the world) over God (HIS perfect way).  Although we have been conditioned in our culture to think and to learn and to lead against God, we are not taught that is what we are doing.  Hopefully I am not confusing you.  As I am a visual learner and a learner by example, showing you what I mean may be easiest in getting my point across.

The world  –  “look out for yourself, be a leader not a follower, be self sufficient, the word hope is a word that is not definite, being first is best, everything has a price, you can run but you can’t hide (haha this was my favorite).”

God’s way  – ” if you save your life, you will lose it / I am the way, I lead you follow /I am your sufficency, depend on me / those who hope in the Lord will be delivered-definite / the first will be last / I already paid the price, Grace is free to you, you can not pay for it / Hide in me, I am your strong tower, and no one can take you out of my hand.”

I think you get the point.  It really is amazing how high and better are the ways of the Lord.  As I am experiencing HIS ways, it is always apparent to me that HE has created and ordained all things, so why would HIS way not be best?  Why struggle with the teaching of the world when we can lay it down and experience stress free living- drug free- while casting our cares on HIM.  Because HE cares for us.  There are so many more opposites in the Word that conflict with the worlds thinking.  There are only two forces in the world…Good and evil.  Evil desires that we do not learn the way of God, as it will deliver us and life will become closer to what it is supposed to be.  (Heaven will be the perfect painfree, curse-free life)  Evil does not care about us, it is all a lie. Good (God) loves and is very detailed in everything you experience, HIS ways are best.


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Not claiming any know how

Taking the gospel to the streets and holding out hope to the hopeless is not a glamorous job..but glorious in the returns!  The Holy Spirit party is totally awesome, and knowing that God is working in and through and all around us, is more than I can take in or comprehend…but no matter how hard the road gets, or how tired we become…This is all going to be worth it.  Just knowing that one day face to face with Jesus is worth more than any attack that can be dealt to us.  Our God is mighty to save, and its not just a Sunday thing…its a life is something that gets me all fired up!! enjoy, get your dance on!  Celebrate the goodness of the Lord, and all that HE is doing on behalf of those that don’t even know HIM YET! 

NewsBoys- Wherever we go


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Truth-There is Turbulence

If something is worth doing, the road gets a little tougher to get there.  Seems to be the norm in this Christian life I live…or Christ Follower as I would rather be called.  We do an unjustice in evangelism to portray that once you come to Christ all will be smooth sailing.  Not true.  This is not the road to expect the lap of luxury, or constant bright sunny skies.  Sometimes the opposition is so intense that holding on to Jesus requires two hands, raised high, clenched fists grasping HIS robe..that kind of holding on.  BUT it is all worth it!  HE does not let go, we will not be lost in the turbulence.  Every day as I walk closer to HIM, and become more obedient, my highs are higher with HIM, and the enemy steps up the heat.

As we (my family) move into a different level of reaching out and going in search and rescue for the kingdom…we experience new levels to the extent the enemy will go to sidetrack, and cause grief.  We are not left in these situations helpless…no we are powerful in the name of Jesus.  HE will always provide for us, HE will always guide and direct, HE will always succeed in HIS plan. HE is unstoppable!  What a wild ride!  There is no place for compromise here, my GOD is in control and HE rules…

If you are in ministry, and you are holding out the gospel, expect some opposition, but also expect our God to walk you through the fires and not get burned…through the flood waters and not drown..HE knows the way, hold on tight, and believe.  Life is to be lived here as well as Heaven…Live it for HIM, with reckless abandon…this is all a journey to get back home.  We have FOREVER to live without the enemy, don’t let him stop you..Jesus has the authority over him…and has given you the power of using HIS name…use it! 

Thank you Father God, you are the King of Kings, and nothing will every get past your knowlege or sight.  You know the plans you have for us, help us to find the ones who are crying out for you, help us to have the endurance we need to  hold on to you, and still reach out.  There is none like you, and the enemy is under our feet in your sons precious name!  We love you, and we need you desperately, we know that every breath we take is ordained by you.  On the journey to get back home, and wanting to leave no one behind.  Your princess who is overwhelmed with the needs of this world, and knowing you are the only way.


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new blogs I am loving!

I have been out in blogville and have found some new blog family and love love love them!  When you get a chance to visit, you will be glad that you did!   love his heart! wow Jesus is on him and I love his sense of humor!  He recently has a post with a link to tominthebox…go and check it out…I have been singing and laughing all day. 

ramseyramblings  love her honesty, and sense of humor, and her reads are almost exactly the same as mine… so she has good taste! 😉

Serendipity  raised in the muslim faith and all God’s now! love her and the testimony of deliverance that is all over her.

God is so awesome to show me so many in my faith family here in blogville…we are world wide! 

Just wanted to plug some new people, and hope you go to see them, leave them a comment, and introduce yourself…y’all are family! share a little love!!!


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Kingdom of God

God is all powerful.  Jesus Christ was given all authority in heaven and on earth.  Then after the resurrection, HE commissioned the believers to go out and do what HE, himself(Matt. 28:19-20, Mark 16:15-18) illustrated for us.  John the Baptist said the “kingdom of heaven” was coming.(Matt.3:2)  Upon Jesus arrival to take up HIS cross, upon baptism, the “Kingdom of God” was near to all who encountered HIM, and through the miracles of the disciples. (who were not the ones doing the miracles, they were the ones by which God worked through..ultimately God perfomed miracles)   Next the Holy Spirit coming to live in believers…the kingdom of heaven is here, will we allow it to do the job it came to do?

Matthew 9:1

1And Jesus was saying to them, “Truly I say to you, there are some of those who are standing here who will not taste death until they see the kingdom of God after it has come with power.”


Did Jesus lie? Or did they see the time when the Holy Spirit came on believers and empowered them, and released the Kingdom of God… just lay down all doctrines and think about this…this is God’s word…and it is coming from God the Son…there is no place in the Word that says this has stopped, or that HE has taken it away from us.  May I suggest that it is our own unbelief, and our own compromising of what we will do and what we will not do for our King.  We have no power, because we refuse the Kingdom of God to work through us.  This scares me!!  😯  Why do believers today have no authority over evil?  We are supposed to.  Why do we put the kingdom of God in a box (as if we could)?  We only diminish HIM to ourselves.  We walk in impurity, we walk in profanity, we think about things that are not excellent.  And then we have the nerve to tell someone else that they have no power in God, because HE doesn’t do that anymore..or how about this one…fraud…God doesn’t speak today…

The world is seeing an non-existent God in us, one who is not strong enough to deliver, not caring, something along the lines of a mix between Santa and a Genie.  We really need to repent..and allow the Kingdom of God to work through us..NO it won’t be about you, but it will be Glorious!!!


Father, you taught us to pray “Our Father who art in Heaven…Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”..some where along the way we have stopped asking for you kingdom to be present in our  lives.  We need it.  We need it for our everyday tasks, so that you will be seen instead of us.  We need you to forgive our unbelief, and strength us to move on what you speak to our hearts, and not ask for several billion confirmations…this is all disobedience and we need you to accept our repentance as I John 1:9.  Today help us to be aware of your kingdom, and aware that as believers we are standing in the center of it.  Help us to release our will and make it yours.  Here on Earth release the Kingdom of God, as they war in the heavenlies, rule our minds to do what is needed to show you to others.  Thank you for your love, patience, and forgiveness…we don’t deserve you, thank you for your Grace and hope…we are nothing without you! Your princess who really doesn’t grasp all of this, but doesn’t want to shut you down any place in my life, by making the wrong choice.


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