Daily Archives: June 12, 2008

Thursday Randomness

I have been working in the heat reconditioning buses for inspection.  HOT is not even the word for what it feels like!!!  OMG!  But I go in at 6 -11 am and that is working for me.  I am serious, I am not kidding…the most disgusting filth is these buses…and then working conversations are less the holy all the time.  So when I get home I just want a shower, something cold to drink,…and my computer to help me unwind.  But NO!! my internet provider has not been keeping me connected for the last two weeks..tonight a different trouble shooter will come out and again try to fix the problem.  YES this is the third one!!

My baby girl is leaving for training camp for her summer missions, and I already miss her smiling face!!  I am reminding myself to be GRATEFUL!  soooo I am grateful for airconditioning…I am grateful for my children, my hubs, and the fact that I have a job.  I am more than grateful that I always have Jesus to talk to instead of what is available otherwise.  I am grateful that God knows I am exhausted, and need a shower, and HE loves me anyway! 

One more thing…leave me some ideas of what I should be making for supper that is easy and won’t heat up my kitchen..sorry I am brain dead…and you all said you love me…so HELP a girl out!




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