What Makes You Smile?

Last week Brent wrote a post about what makes him smile, and then posed this question..and as I tried to comment, it was obvious to me that I couldn’t make a simple comment and that I would have to post myself.  😀

What makes me smile

** Spending time with the Lord in the morning, uninterrupted, and HIS voice speaking to my heart.

** My Hubs, he works real hard to hold everything together, and his smile, is contagious.

**My children, when they are just themselves, silly, and content.

**Ministry makes me smile, when thinking GOD really lets me do this!

**the look in someones eyes when they really “get it”, and I get to see the transformation that Christ makes in a heart.

**Sunrises or sunsets, especially on a body of water…love the gold sparkle on the water!

**Color…love it!  Imagine the color GOd has saved for Heaven (HE is an artist, you know)

**Woods, love to walk in it, love to admire how awesome the Gardner is, truly makes me smile, and become speechless (can you imagine me speechless)

**My Pastor, a true picture of Jesus to me, and his love for Christ just spills in his teaching, and when he prays..I know I smile!

**the word “Vacation” BIG SMILE

**elementary kids who ride my bus..always something to smile about.

**the deliverance I have experienced…BIG Smile

**Babies, their eyes as they take in the world..and their determination to learn to be big.

**Puppies! Kittens!  watching them climb all over each other and then just pass out..smile smile smile.

**People do dumb things, including myself…smile! we are so not together like we think!

**blogging makes me smile, and the other bloggers too

** Fill in Friday makes me smile

**Knowing that today is a gift, and everything in it is for me (and you)


I spent most of my life without a smile, or tears or positive emotion in general…so I love that I can smile, laugh, cry, and that there is so much good in the world…we just have to look for it sometimes…everything is not grim and full of despair.

SO what makes you smile??



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24 responses to “What Makes You Smile?

  1. tam

    what makes me smile?….



    The ocean!

    the smell of sunscreen.

    God sending whisper chills all over me just to say “I love you Tam”!

    serving with my husband at church.

    watching our kids serve.

    my blogging family.

    seeing people transformed by the Holy Spirit.

    watching chains break loose!!!!! (yah, THAT’S a good one!)




  2. LOL I wanted to say Oreos, but I am trying not to want one..hahaha I didn’t lose this week but, I think I am toning..hard to believe I didn’t lose this week..I am workingout 5 hours a day at work…and not eating poorly..you make me smile too!!

  3. 1. The way Jesus gets my attention sometimes – in fact I have heard him laugh I am sure.

    2. A hike to Marcy Dam – Lake Placid, NY

    3. Mama !!

    4. My grandchildren – coming & going!

    5. Every blogger I have met face to face!

  4. papa- HE does laugh..and I am sure I have heard HIM too!

  5. My twin sister

    My mom

    My boyfriend

    My cat (never a dull day with her around!)

    Friends that have changed my life



    This list could go on and on.

  6. Hi Darla!

    I’ve got a lot to smile about:

    Encouraging words/acts
    My family
    My boyfriend
    My friends
    Green fields
    Country life
    Trips back home
    My nephews’ smiles
    My nephews’ new antics
    My neighbor’s child
    My mom’s flower garden
    The thought of sleeping
    Taking photos
    Beating my boyfriend in online games like chess, literati and domino

    And many, many more!

  7. What makes me smile ?? Chatting w/ Darla !!

  8. Dan

    talking to my almost 3 yr. old grandson on the phone and listening him recite the Lord’s prayer…

  9. Love your list!

    Obviously I wrote mine already, but another one was Hanging with my wife last night on a killer date while the kids are out of town 🙂

  10. Deborah

    I &heart; you!….so tired, but had to tell ya I’m home…I’ll talk with you tomorrow…YOU make me smile!!!! See you soon!

  11. Love this! What a great idea to think about the stuff that makes you makes you smile. Some things for me are:
    When you see God answer what you’ve been praying about
    My husband 🙂
    When I speak to my nieces and nephews on the phone, because they say really cute things
    Finishing a workout
    Taking photos
    Feeling God’s presence
    The sun
    Beautiful nature
    Coffee first thing in the morning
    Lots of things 🙂

  12. Coffee
    My husband
    My kids
    My nieces and nephews
    My Bible study ladies
    Swimming pools
    Trees and flowers
    Uncle Julio’s Tex Mex


    All Y’all!!! 😀

  13. Jesus–He just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside!

    My husband.

    Praise dancing/singing.

    Praise music. Period.

    Warm summer nights.

    ICE CREAM!!!!!!!

    An unexpected card from someone I love [I love cards!]

    My blogging family.

    My Church family.

    My In-Laws.

    My spiritual mom.

    My computer =D

    ERRRRR did I exceed the quote? Oh Oh I have another one:

    When I know it’s the devil attacking me and I can say “na na ni boo boo” and stick my tongue out at him knowing he can’t destroy me!

    Love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu XOX

  14. PS That was meant to be quota*

  15. bedtime makes me smile!!!

  16. Laurie Lloyd

    What makes me SMILE?

    Being 60 and loving the way the Lord has saved the best for last in my life.
    Coffee, Coffee and more Coffee. I am a junkie.
    My husband of 40 years.
    My grown sons who are 37 and **FEELING IT**!!
    My two precious grandchildren, can’t wipe the smile off my face here:)
    My two cats and new puppy.
    The Ocean right down the hill and seeing it change every day.
    The full moon and cool breezes in the afternoon.
    The smell of the salt air in the fog.
    Birds chirping in my garden all day long.
    Laughter, young and old.
    Connecting with other peoples eyes.
    Life and how good it is to be living it.
    The redwoods up north and the smells and the sound of the wind through the trees, heavenly.
    Children, all children.
    A good foot massage, ahh! Someone brushing my hair, ahh! And both of these at the same time, euphoria.!!!! 🙂
    Surviving my past and being so grateful for the things that it taught me! Can’t learn these things in school or out of a book.
    “Tylenol”, I just smile everytime I think of Ian the “whining whisperer”. So precious!!
    And of course, YOU. You always inspire me to go deeper when I read your posts. I don’t comment because I am too busy going deeper with the things you say:) I do love you girl and pray the Lord keeps blessing you every day as you bless others.

    Love and Hugs, Laurie in Ca.

  17. Laurie Lloyd

    PS. Hey Darla,

    How do these happy faces know when it is the right time to pop up here?? Do they read minds??

    Just Curious, Laurie

  18. ang

    Things that make me smile…

    1. Moscato mornings….If you want to know ask:)
    2. My blog siestas…who have blessed me more that you know:)
    3. Brent and Tam’s live chat:) Sweet!
    4. God’s…everything:)
    5. Spending time with good friends:)
    6. Church…no matter what.
    7. Beth Moore…nough said:)
    8. Myspace Kareoke
    9. my convertible
    10. life:)

  19. I really don’t smile at anything. Just not my thing. I DO laugh alot, and I cry – but smiling just doesn’t come naturally.

    So, things that “light me up”:

    1. my kids (when they do something cool)

    2. reminiscing w/friends

    3. hanging out w/wife

    4. hot fires on a cold night

  20. the ocean

    when it feels like Jesus has skin because His presence is that close


    Sonic Route 44 Diet Coke

    My daughter’s hugs

  21. Chocolate
    Hot Fries
    Funny Bloggers

  22. Hello Darla. This post isn’t relevant, but I wanna show this to you. 😉

    Please decode this emoticon-studded post:

    I’d like to be 8) today so I’m here to splash you with &heart; and 😀 .

    You see, I just learned how to make smileys, grinnies,winkeys, LOLies, and other emoticons, thanks to the beautiful Darla. (&heart; you, Darla!)

    Like any student, I wanna practice (not show off) what I just learned. As they say, practice makes perfect.

    Hope you like it, otherwise, I’ll 😥 and 😳

    Hope this post made you 🙂 , not 😯 or 🙄




    (also posted this is my blog. thank you for showing me how to do it.)

  23. Lemme make this post relevant:

    Smileys make me smile!


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