Happy Birthday to ME!

Well, today was my Birthday…and it has been a very blessed day. Of course we went to church and I had communion which is always sweet, but extra sweet on your birthday! My family always tries to make every day special so birthdays are not earth shattering, but we do try to make them special. My Hubs rocks! here are some pics from my day…

Are these not the kewlest shocking pink roses you have ever seen?!?!  I love them!

Yes, steak on the grill, mushrooms and onions….serious points Hubs!

Cheesecake with Genache chocolate  ….  mmmmmm now thats how birthday cake should be!

I also needed a new watch sooooo sweet thing bought me one of those too..pretty silver with engraved hearts and some turquois, and my daughter bought me a wallet..(i really needed one) and it also has enlayed silver with a heart on it…but I can’t get a good pic of either without the glare.  LOL I am sharing my birthday with you all, as you all are also my family…I would have shared my cheesecake with you if you were here! 

Just had to share these one more time! ahhhhhh Thank you Jesus, I am so blessed! and Father God I applaud the roses!



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24 responses to “Happy Birthday to ME!

  1. Happy Birthday Baby !!!!!!!!!

    I Love You

  2. 😆 now its complete!

  3. May God bless you with a million smiles from strangers. May He guard your heart from the enemy. May He send gentle rains to grow you into His image. And May His Hand surround you with His love and care. Happy Birthday, princess! Much love to you.

  4. twinkle = that is beautiful!! just like you!! thank you

  5. You are totally blessed!!

    Love those roses and the steak on the grill…WOW!

    So is it painful…? I’ll be following in 7 months!!! It sounds like such an OLD number… 😦

    That’s not much of a birthday wish now, is it?!?!?!


  6. tam

    my beautiful princess. older sister. hehe! i HAD to throw THAT in!!! i bought you an iced kicker today. you werent here. so i drank it. 😉

    i love you!

  7. Hey Darla!

    Facebook told me your birthday was coming up three days ago… I wanted to be the first to email you – but then my computer died lol

    Love yuh bad, sis 😀 Be blessed! Still praying for ya, and I’ll share anything Daddy has to say 😉

  8. Happy Birthday…again 😆 Hubs looks like he did good! Those roses are beautiful!!!!

    Love you!

  9. Happy Birthday even if it is late…..I am glad that you had a good day!

  10. HW

    Happy, Happy Birthday!!!! 🙂

  11. TheNorEaster

    If dragons really existed…and they could sing…it might sound something like this…

    “Hombly Borgeek to Yube! Hombly Borgeek to Yube! Hombly Borgeek to Spoogles! Hombly Borgeek to Yube!”

    Hmn. I guess they’re not very good at pronouncing, “Darla!”

    And maybe it’s a good thing dragons don’t really exist or they’d overcook your steak with mushrooms and onions AND eat your chocolate cheesecake!

    And we can’t have THAT now, CAN WE!!!

    Happy Birthday, Darla. And many more! 😉

  12. Michelle- actually its been delightful…but it might be painful for you, I will check on you when it happens 😉

    Tam- its the thought that counts!! thanks for the kicker..it was good, eh?

    bajan- thank you for the wishes and the prayers..love ya brutha

    debs- thanks! the roses are the prettiest color i have ever seen on roses..and I usually like the orange ones..ya know the brighter the better!

    ramsey , HW- thanks you all are to sweet!

    THE NOREASTER DUDE!- love the whole dragon thought…”spoogles” 😆 but you are 100% correct, we can not have dragons burning my food and eating my cheesecake! thanks you rock!


    The roses are b-e-a-U-tiful! I love how you gave the credit to God at the end (“I applaud the roses”). I just love your heart.

    Maybe Hubs should bring you to Iowa for a be-lated birthday present??? 😉

    Love You!
    Hope you had the BEST birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Happy Birthday Darla. The flowers are beautiful, but the steak and onions look even better. It is also a good idea not to put candles on the cake anymore once you past 29. If you are over 29 now. 🙂

    I hope both you and your family get to celebrate many more joyous days like this.

  15. Heather-one of these days..I am going to meet you face to face..not sure how..but I am believing God for it! thanks for the wishes! 😉

    Ed- yes I am def over 29, but I was 29 for quite some time..LOL

  16. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARLA!!!!! (One day late)

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