Abundant Grace-intro

The word GRACE used to totally baffle my mind.  Not many people can even define the word, much less apply it to daily living.  When I was a child my Sunday School teacher defined Grace as an acronym






Altho I could understand that Jesus died for me, the whole riches, and expense escaped me.

Grace is so much more, and once we accept the fact that it is a gift that we will never be able to pay for, or feel worthy of…IT’S AMAZING!  Abundant is the word! As believers we are swimming in it! GOD said.. “My Grace is sufficient for you” .  WOW, sufficient…its enough, you are not left wanting or needing..its enough!  Nothing is too hard for HIM, nothing is too costly, nothing is too good for you as HIS child. HE does reserve the right to decide what is good for you. 🙂

The Blood of Jesus is enough to cover yours and my sins. No limit to the power of it, and its given to us FREE…

What are your thoughts on Grace?



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3 responses to “Abundant Grace-intro

  1. kelli

    I am still amazed when I think I need something and then over and over again through Gods word I hear Patience My Grace is sufficiant for you! I think I am finally getting it and waiting on the Lord to make any changes in my life! I thought i really wanted a job and it was a perfect opportunity for me but after the second interview I didn’t get a call back. I was so dissappointed and thought what do you want from me God am I not to try to better myself and provide extra money for our family and you! But then Lizzie got a most awesome opportunity to play with the high school girls varsity team and what a ride that was! I would have missed soooo many of those games if I had gotten that job ! God does know best I am content to wait on his timming! This study will help remind me everyday of how to wait and just accept his Grace!

  2. Kelli, i am the same! then i turn around and have an “ahhhhhh” moment. God does know best, we just see the bigger picture.

  3. “…a gift we will never be able to pay…and never be worthy of…”

    Amen. I’ve spent most of my life trying to pay Him back, so to speak, but I’ve learned the hard way, we are sinners in need of abundant grace. It is truly amazing!

    I think I’m still seeing the bigger picture (your comment above), wondering how He will work all of my mess out for His glory. But He promises He will. I’m continuing to learn the most basic principle of this walk of faith: Follow Him alone.

    Love you, Darla.
    Hope school starts well for all!

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