Following Jesus…

“No, I am not talking about twitter. I literally want you to follow me.”

Found on FB, and has made me laugh, and make me think! Wow, how many times do we think we can follow Jesus like we follow someone on twitter? Twitter is for our social convenience .  Jesus never said he would be convenient….Just Follow Me..literally



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6 responses to “Following Jesus…

  1. Love it. Thanks for the post. I once asked the question in a Sunday School class as to what they thought Jesus meant when He told the disciples to follow Him and how He wants us to follow Him today. Their responses were not very encouraging. We all love our own selves and plans too much, it seems.

  2. agree…maybe we need refocused, and to pick up our cross and follow….and no not meaning twitter =D

  3. That comic strip made me laugh….

    Does Jesus have a Twitter account?

    Interesting…. may we (I) learn how to follow hard after Christ… even if he doesn’t have a Twitter account!

  4. Love This….So true though.

    I deleted my Twitter account quite awhile ago. I thought I would miss it but really I am ok without it. Sad but true. Although I wonder how many Chocoday tweets I miss. 😉

  5. Bajan- actually there is someone on twitter who calls themselves Jesus..and he follows me..LOL straight up i know its not HIM..LOL HE does not follow me..i am supposed to follow HIM! 😆

    Theresa- Love you! i eliminated alot of people i follow, most of them double stat on FB, and i still love them, just too much for me to keep up with, and i have a small group who encourage me daily and those are who are left..and i only stop there a couple times a day, instead of all day! And CHOCODAY is rockin so now i love mondays!

  6. Hello. magnificent job. I did not anticipate this. This is a fantastic story. Thanks!

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