Wednesday morning *sigh*

Today…one of my problem little boys, soon to be my best buddy! (LOL he doesn’t know it yet) decided today that he can’t sit next to a girl, although that is the last place I have for him since every seat has a problem.  He approached me and said…”I just can’t..she is evil…and I think she bites”  hahahaha I assured him if he would just take the seat he is to be in, then he wouldn’t have to take that risk.

The Bus company just sat me through an hour meeting on how to turn your bus in an intersection.  WHAT!!! Some of these people have been doing it 30+ years…some how I think we should learn the proper way in training, and maybe before we actually take the bus out and transport 150 kids.  just saying…



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44 responses to “Wednesday morning *sigh*

  1. I have been praying that the bus company after many years of you driving would teach you how to drive in an intersection. Now they can check that off their list.

    it amazes me how we can’t get through to our “superiors” about the real priorities.

    praying for you daughter!

  2. hahahahahaha heidi…you know I love you!! it might not be more..but definitely equal!

  3. tam

    hahhaha!!! girl, you are way too much!

    i love you!

  4. 😆 no don’t forget..I am telling everyone that I want to do this…hahahaha you would think I won the lottery big time with the excitement I have..hahahaha hope I don’t get busted…oh well…if I do I will just keep going…;)

  5. its my favorite thing 🙄

  6. 😆 I need you to hijack with me…

  7. it just makes it better! haahhaahahaha

  8. 8 or whenever you get there….I will be there at 8…and so will some others…maybe we can get to 200

  9. Hey, Darla. Missed the hijacking…sorry. Somewhere I think I heard you were busted…?

    I love that little guy’s response, “I just can’t…she is evil…I think she bites.” It starts young, doesn’t it?

    My guy used to call all the bad people, “bite people” — he was sure that was the ultimate evil to be done.

    I think he may have been right — biting and devouring one another — it’s so ugly.

    I know this was a “light” post…sorry…spoke tons to me!

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