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Good Times-TMI Generator(no problem)

this is what I have been caught up with this morning and noon.  As this generator crossed RT 441 the Middle school, Elementary, and Kcenter are all affected by it.  The whole entourage is about one mile long, and completely walked with one steering in the front, the other axles are worked by remote control of men walking beside it. Its 75 feet high, so power lines traffic lights are being unassembled and re assembled constantly.  Just so happens i go to RT 441 approximately 8 times a day for pick ups, drops, and to get in and out of the school. today we learned to enter through the back. GOOD TIMES! LOL they have more faith in us than we do. If i get to a crossing that can’t be crossed at that time, turn around NO PROBLEM! LOL still keeping a sense of humor.

For your viewing pleasure if you haven’t heard about this major feat, here is a link to see what I am talking about.

Kids have been totally freaked as we do our routes differently and try to accomodate this small problem 🙂  So we sang Sponge Bob Square pants several times..yah I had the part “ARRRRR ya ready kids” LOL

(been flipped off today a couple times, and I am flattered that they think I am #1!)


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Saturday-Bus Saga..goes on and on and on


"if you have raw beans, lepracans won't trick you, Miss Darla do you know what raw beans are?"

"if you have raw beans, lepracans won't trick you, Miss Darla do you know what raw beans are?"




"I am way too cool for this, but the hat looks good"

"I am way too cool for this, but the hat looks good"


"i don't like this so much, but i do want to be the line leader"

"i don't like this so much, but i do want to be the line leader"


"do ya love my lid? i love everything, i do!"

"do ya love my lid? i love everything, i do!"

These are a few of my kiddos, from Kindergarten.  They were alot of fun on St Patricks Day.  Just wanted to give you a visual of what my noon looks like! The first pic uses words like “Dreadful”, and a slight english accent, although no one in her family sounds like that, I think she is a grown up stuck in a little girls body!  She did tell me today “I haven’t been the line leader for ages” ages? huh?  

Peace have a good weekend!


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Another day on the bus

This is a few of the conversations I had today on the bus..

Little Girl (7)-Miss Darla, when you were gone we had a man and he was stinky.

Me- I am sure he was trying to do everything well , for you, maybe you can cut him a break.

Little Girl (7) – no, he did stink, he passed gas the whole time.  😯


Little boy (5)- I missed you. I told the other driver  I sit in this seat and he said okay, so is that okay?

Me- sit your own seat, don’t lie to the other driver, he believed you.

Little boy (5) – I know that was so cool!

Little Girl (6) – Miss Darla, do you think you will have time to clean the bus today? Its dreadful in here! 🙂 i just learned that word.

Me- I will try.

My son- I can’t go to school I am sick.

Me- okay

(got home a few hours later, the house smells amazing like someone cooking breakfast…find the son..eating a huge breakfast that he cooked..)

Me- are you sick?

Son- I have no idea why I am home, so I thought I would make some food.. 

Me- hit the shower…school soon!


I really do love my job, and I really love my son…today feels a little like the twilight zone…oh well, someone has to do it!


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Bus Kiddos break my heart…

Emily is five years old. She has been on my bus since the beginning of the school year.  Here are some things she has openly told me…

!. I live in a foster home

2. My mom and dad are coming back for me when they know what there life is all about. (do you  know what your life is about?)

3. Every wednesday , I leave school early with my case worker, so that my mom and dad can have visitation with me, its a long ride, and I am always sad when I come back.

4.  Jennifer is my foster mom, she is nice, but she knows that someday I have to go back to my mom. Jennifer gets mad when I see my mom.

5. Sometimes I just want to go home, but there is no home.

6. I am sick, and Jennifer said go to school anyway, and see the nurse, can I go there when I get there?

Today…on Dec. 17th I am moving back with my mom for a while, no one knows how long, but this weekend I will have to move in another family foster care home, because i can’t stay anymore with Jennifer.  I don’t know what school I will go to when I move back with my mom.  I am really just moving around alot.  Are you going to miss me Miss Darla when they take me again.  “Oh yes, I will miss you, and I will pray for you lots”


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Wednesday morning *sigh*

Today…one of my problem little boys, soon to be my best buddy! (LOL he doesn’t know it yet) decided today that he can’t sit next to a girl, although that is the last place I have for him since every seat has a problem.  He approached me and said…”I just can’t..she is evil…and I think she bites”  hahahaha I assured him if he would just take the seat he is to be in, then he wouldn’t have to take that risk.

The Bus company just sat me through an hour meeting on how to turn your bus in an intersection.  WHAT!!! Some of these people have been doing it 30+ years…some how I think we should learn the proper way in training, and maybe before we actually take the bus out and transport 150 kids.  just saying…


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Change, isn’t it inevitable?

Back to School! LOL Our school district started yesterday with the new school year, with many changes to time and schedules.  Its all the same to me, my day is longer, and I have more stops, and less time to my self throughout the day, but overall its still the same job.  You know, the one I applied for, the one I have (which is a blessing to even have one), the job that God so brillantly lead me to. 

So many people are disturbed-from parents to students, from teachers to adminstrators, from the bus company to the drivers…I guess I am at a loss here…I don’t understand what is all the problem.  We all have things we must do, and everything that is new requires a little thinking…I  just don’t get it!

Here I am, wondering when I became easy going, and good with change?  Are you good with change? Are you good with crossing bridges when you get to them, and not contemplating them before you even get there?


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