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Saturday-Bus Saga..goes on and on and on


"if you have raw beans, lepracans won't trick you, Miss Darla do you know what raw beans are?"

"if you have raw beans, lepracans won't trick you, Miss Darla do you know what raw beans are?"




"I am way too cool for this, but the hat looks good"

"I am way too cool for this, but the hat looks good"


"i don't like this so much, but i do want to be the line leader"

"i don't like this so much, but i do want to be the line leader"


"do ya love my lid? i love everything, i do!"

"do ya love my lid? i love everything, i do!"

These are a few of my kiddos, from Kindergarten.  They were alot of fun on St Patricks Day.  Just wanted to give you a visual of what my noon looks like! The first pic uses words like “Dreadful”, and a slight english accent, although no one in her family sounds like that, I think she is a grown up stuck in a little girls body!  She did tell me today “I haven’t been the line leader for ages” ages? huh?  

Peace have a good weekend!



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Another day on the bus

This is a few of the conversations I had today on the bus..

Little Girl (7)-Miss Darla, when you were gone we had a man and he was stinky.

Me- I am sure he was trying to do everything well , for you, maybe you can cut him a break.

Little Girl (7) – no, he did stink, he passed gas the whole time.  😯


Little boy (5)- I missed you. I told the other driver  I sit in this seat and he said okay, so is that okay?

Me- sit your own seat, don’t lie to the other driver, he believed you.

Little boy (5) – I know that was so cool!

Little Girl (6) – Miss Darla, do you think you will have time to clean the bus today? Its dreadful in here! 🙂 i just learned that word.

Me- I will try.

My son- I can’t go to school I am sick.

Me- okay

(got home a few hours later, the house smells amazing like someone cooking breakfast…find the son..eating a huge breakfast that he cooked..)

Me- are you sick?

Son- I have no idea why I am home, so I thought I would make some food.. 

Me- hit the shower…school soon!


I really do love my job, and I really love my son…today feels a little like the twilight zone…oh well, someone has to do it!


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Bus Saga

I have a collection of hats, gloves, and scarfs! These little kiddos come so bundled up to the bus stop they can hardly move. Very cute actually. But they leave these things behind, and will not claim them. Behind my seat looks like a yard sale! Not sure how long I need to keep them, but there they are.

My problem kids have all settled down and are now okay with the rules I have on the bus.  Praying for these kids to have someone show them Jesus throughout thier day, and that none will leave here without HIM. 

Driving in the ice is not fun, do-able but not fun. Its always a huge lesson in trust for me, and leaves me exhausted.


-little boy 7 stopped to tell me that he had a birthday and all the things he recieved,WOW that was alot of stuff for a birthday! I told him, “you got a lot for your birthday”…no he didn’t it was all made up, to impress the kids, and he tried it out on me first. Trying not to smile, I told him no one usually gets that much stuff for their birthday. Just be yourself.

-a little boy 9 years old, not sure what is his malfunction, but at times its just evil.  He has promoted to my misbehaving seat, mostly for his own protection but from time to time I need to tell him to be quieter(loud outbursts of something I never heard before..strange), the other boys pound him from time to time, and I feel sorry for him although he starts it everytime.  He asked me if I love Jesus, which kind of was out of no where…and then said his mom does too.  But he thinks Jesus is strange…(now that is the pot calling the kettle black!)  so he is my boy,  up front with me everymorning and afternoon.  He realized yesterday that its not because he is bad, he said “you kind of protect me here huh?”  all I could say was, “I don’t want you to get hurt”.  Don’t know what happened, but he became peaceful, less agitated, almost pleasant. 

The power of GOD, and HIS plan are awesome, I am always amazed at how HE loves these children.  I love them, but HE LOVES them. 

Comic Relief

One of my afternoon stops,  an older Brown Lab, decides he loves the bus..I can see him running to the bus stop even before I am stopped. The little girl gets off the dog gets on…and lays next to my seat. The owners have to come out and pull him off my bus, he does not go willingly.  The kids that are still on the bus, just laugh and laugh..It is funny and predictable.


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Sweet Rewards

God always blesses obedience. Sweet Rewards…In one way or another, after wrestling with HIM, hold on for the blessing.  Look for it..

Today I recieved my orders for a job tomorrow to run Charter. I really wasn’t over joyed to get it, it could have been a day off with my kids.  But after weighing out, bills and Christmas coming, I decided I should do it. (I really don’t mind helping my man)  This is where I am chartering.  Cool huh?  I have been wanting to go there for months, and although its not that far, I really like to go alone (most of the time, and this is one of those times).  So I take the bus, will end up less than a mile from this place, with two hours to entertain myself, and being paid for it! Woooohooooo!  Thanking God for HIS blessing, provision, and beautiful weather. YES the weather man says an awesome Autumn day.  Thank you GOD!  Do you ever sit back in the midst of your chaos, and remember that there is a blessing here somewhere, and LORD I just want to see it, don’t let me miss it?  I need to do it more often. 

Ephesians 1:3 we are blessed with every spiritual blessing…(ADV)…EVERY thats the word…we are already blessed, how quickly we forget. 

(don’t forget to play Acronyms -Fridays are Fun days..and also don’t forget to check on what Princess Tam has got going on..her fridays are always FUN!)


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Bus Saga-my 6 1/2 hours a day

6 1/2 hours a day, I am in this….

If this bus could speak…I wonder what stories it would tell, as I have plenty of my own!  Through these doors service to the King begins on a daily basis.

357 different children from the ages of 5 to  18 get on my bus, twice a day. For some of them I am the only smile they will get today.  And after the first week of school each year they truly feel like my children.  Sometimes I could just send them to their room, and other times I could hug them and never let go.

I recently was ill (which is normal for me about twice a year), and was not in the bus for a week.  When I returned this week, these kids were so happy to see me.  I found that strange, and even teased a few.. “okay whatever you want..NO”  But my Kindergarten bus was ecstatic..I mean squeals of delight and echos of “Miss Darla came back”…well yea it made me feel good, but it made it more clear to me how badly children are hurting and really need someone to just love on them even for a few minutes each day.  I got “high fives” “knuckles”, hugs, and singing kiddos on the bus. 

Some of you remember when I started this adventure and could not figure out why God wanted me to do this..and you remember how it all just happened and before I really knew I am!

Now I have a different picture in my mind…Jesus saying..”let the children come to me”…I have 5 year olds who can explain very well what Social Services is, and speak freely of foster care, what the judge said…and are too young to carry a problem with telling you “mommy and daddy are in jail, but maybe later I can go home”…and this life for them, they dont know another.  Lots of children abandoned by thier mothers, one said “when my mom knows what her life is all about, she is going to come back for my dad is kind of sad…but we still have fun”…sad…you don’t have to ask these kids anything, they willingly tell you.

I have a boy about 10 years old has been hard to deal with the first couple weeks, but he is very pleasant on my bus now..he sang to me one day this week, and yesterday showed me a moving cartoon he made in is book…

I don’t seem to have the problems on my bus that lots do, maybe its because I pray for my kids on my bus, maybe its because God rides my bus.  But I do pray that HE won’t let even one of them leave this earth without HIM.  I am believing HE is going to do that.  How beautiful to see HIM love on these ones the world ignores.  “Such is the kingdom of heaven”…


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Wednesday morning *sigh*

Today…one of my problem little boys, soon to be my best buddy! (LOL he doesn’t know it yet) decided today that he can’t sit next to a girl, although that is the last place I have for him since every seat has a problem.  He approached me and said…”I just can’t..she is evil…and I think she bites”  hahahaha I assured him if he would just take the seat he is to be in, then he wouldn’t have to take that risk.

The Bus company just sat me through an hour meeting on how to turn your bus in an intersection.  WHAT!!! Some of these people have been doing it 30+ years…some how I think we should learn the proper way in training, and maybe before we actually take the bus out and transport 150 kids.  just saying…


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