No longer a broken smile

Lately my life has not been its norm.  I’ve been going through surgeries to undo some damage that I have walked through most of life with, and some from the drug abuse I did that eased the pain of the abuse, and the spiral just continued.  It got to the point where my health was seriously at stake, and I no longer could ignore it.  So some inflicted on me, some self inflicted.  This has been my summer of pain. Very intense. My smile was broken.

I want to share with you how awesome our GOD is!  Through this summer, HE has brought me beautiful people who do not know me, yet they pray for me, and I know it carried me through.  HE brought friends who do know me, closer to me.  HE placed me in front of my computer and provided so many good things for me to read and fill my mind. And the most precious thing to my heart…online church.  God does love HIS children, and although the enemy kicked me every inch of the way this summer, the LORD pulled me closer, and overwhelmed me with the way HE loves us!

Today I looked in the mirror, and some thing has definitely changed.  My mouth has been reconstructed on the inside, and my smile is new to me.  The damage and abuse that I went through as a small child through to young adult life had taken the smile that GOD had given me.  This may not mean much to anyone but me, and thats okay…but I rejoice in how HE gives back what the enemy has taken…even something so small as a smile.  I thank HIM for caring so much about the little things in our lives, and for giving me my hubs that felt my smile was worth every penny it cost.  Thanking GOD for providing that income as well.  God is good, HE does take the bad and make it good, and HE is the lifter of my head!



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8 responses to “No longer a broken smile

  1. Wow Darla. Just…wow. Our God is so Awesome!

  2. Thanks David, always great to see you here. Your tweets always encourage me, and you are one of those people that God has placed in my path to help me keep focused on HIM. so Thank you!

  3. Darla:

    “God does love HIS children, and although the enemy kicked me every inch of the way this summer, the LORD pulled me closer, and overwhelmed me with the way HE loves us!”

    Can I just say Amen and AMEN????? You’re making me leak all over the place this morning, I love you!

  4. i love you Debs, and you were one of the blessings, coming to visit and stay with me for 10 days..we miss you.

  5. Just catching up on some reading.

    Just know you are always his princess no matter how broken you feel felt or every will feel again.

    I am so happy you are through this stage of life, as I know it has been a struggle. God is good.

    You are His always.
    Peace and love sis

  6. hey Carl, always glad you read..

    My post will be up later 7ish my time on Galations. peace and love

  7. My sis…. Just read it…. God loves me, God loves me…. thanks for reminding me that God loves us even in the small things that seem so insignificant to others….

    I am so honoured to have u as my friend. Be happy with your new smile! 😀

  8. Hi Darls! Long time no see, my friend! Somehow all of us walked through BIG challenges at almost exactly the same time – how is that? Mine are still ongoing, but … probably most of ours are. I’m SO GLAD that God gave you a new smile. I sure can appreciate that that’s a huge thing. How wonderful! I see you always smiling on the inside – it must be wonderful to let it out. 😀 Love you!

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