Galatians Chapter 1-Blogged Bible Study

For those who have read through the studies before..this is a refresher of how we do this… several of us are blogging one chapter a week..starting with Galations. You can find the rest of the line up HERE.

When preparing to study any book of the Bible, I find it useful to read the whole book and then go back and start to break down sections. God gave us the Bible to help us and not just tell us stories or give us history(although there is a ton of history to be uncovered in it).  I am an application person, so I will be looking at each chapter for the application that applies to me today.

Galations 1:4  who gave himself (Jesus Christ) for our sins to rescue us from the present evil age, according to the will of our God, and Father,… (NIV)

(This is the main application to the entire I proceed I will reference back to it.)  “rescue us from the present evil age”  this stood out to could have read This evil age, but it says present..Don’t we live in an evil age? we do.  The blood of Jesus is still as powerful today as it was the day it was spilled.  The Galations are not the only ones who become duped, who seem to lose their minds, they are surrounded by evil, and so are we.

It seems to me that when reading Galations 1:6-10, the snare of false teaching is there because of their desire to please these people who are teaching something that is not of GOD….I know this sounds slightly off base, maybe lots to you. But please think about this.. We often try to be peace makers, which is a good thing. But we usually end up being people pleasers more oft than not. I have met so many women who openly will admit that people pleasing is a hard strong hold to break.  Verse 10 sums up the issue of people pleasing..we must be seeking the approval of GOD and not people!  In verse 7 it says that they were confused..confusion always happens when I try to please people and not GOD..We really need to stay focused, that we are rescued from the PRESENT evil, we seek the approval of God.  The Gospel story never gets old to means everything to me.  Yet still I have had times of being duped, being confused…and people pleasing.

I don’t know if you have a walk with the LORD, if you know HIM or not.  I pray that you do! And if you do, and you know that you have been misled, and have fallen to the traps of this present evil age, that you will seek the approval of GOD.  And HE does want you to turn from sin, and return to HIM. HE hasn’t forgotten you..HE hasn’t forgotten me..WE can’t forget HIM.

Isaiah 49: 15, 16  “Can  a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne? Though she may forget, I will not forget you!  See I have engraved you on the palms of my hands; your walls are ever before me.   -GOD

Maybe we need to write Jesus on our hand..tatoo it where we see it 24/7..but lets not forget, lets not be led away into confusion…write love on your hand.. LOVE wrote your name on HIS hand.



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11 responses to “Galatians Chapter 1-Blogged Bible Study

  1. Morning sis…

    ” We often try to be peace makers, which is a good thing. But we usually end up being people pleasers more oft than not. I have met so many women who openly will admit that people pleasing is a hard strong hold to break. ”

    Standing up for truth and convictions is never easy, especially if the response, reaction, or outcome is uncertain. With the True Gospel of Christ, we can be certain of all thee when we stand up to people, stop trying to please them, and instead Please God.

    Peace and Love

  2. Amen and amen! have great day bro! really excited about this study Peace and Love..

  3. “We often try to be peace makers, which is a good thing. But we usually end up being people pleasers more oft than not.”

    Wow sister friend, you nailed it! I have fallen into this trap (and it is quite a snare) of people pleasing…I thank God that He walked me through that process of pleasing Him first, in all circumstances, the rest will follow. That usually means stepping on a few toes from time to time.

    Thank you for this, great way to start my day! 🙂

  4. dale hill

    WOW! each of focused on the peacemaking!
    you wrote: We often try to be peace makers,

    It is in the “trying” where we fall short. When we know and experience–live in–the peace of the Lord, then we are the peacemakers He referred to. It is not something we ‘try’ to do; it is who we are. I have seen it in action and it is beautiful.

    People-pleasing was the major weakness that led me out of my walk with the Lord for so many years. Thank you for reminding me of the price of the vice.

  5. charread09

    Thanks Deb. Guilty myself. May elaborate a little on this myself tomorrow—not sure but this is the thing that jumped off the page to me so maybe that’s what he’s leading me to address also.

  6. Debs always glad to help get your day started,..noticed you aren’t drinking my coffee anymore…i know slow..just love me 😉

    Dale-being a peacemaker is something that the Holy Spirit produces from within, i believe that. when i looked at this, the oddest thing..or a GOD thing happened. The one who misled me the most in my early years of believing, told me that the problem with me was that I am not a peacemaker, and i need to try harder at doing that, and asking questions of people with superior training and wisdom, is not acceptable…yeah I see it now..just how i fell into it.

    Charread09- please write whatever jumps out at you, i love to read how GOD is moving in hearts, and almost always in this type study I walk away from each post, with a new perspective. Looking forward to reading your thoughts.

  7. The other side of the ‘false teacher’ coin is the desire for the wolves in sheep’s clothing to gather followers for themselves. Like most false teachers they don’t invent something new and heretical, they go back to the ‘oldschool’, in this case the old ‘legalism’ and adding works to grace.

    Some good stuff there, Darla!

  8. Although Paul’s reference to men pleasing was a deliberate dig at false teachers, we all need to sit up and take notice.

    Good point Darla!

  9. thnx Born4Battle…sorry about the spam monster.

    I think its easy for us to look at a book like this, and say “those Galations”…but as i read it, i see “those Americans”..very intense for me.

  10. Ambe

    Galatians is one of favorite Books because Paul really wasn’t playing with these Christians.

    Do you think this Book would go over big today?

  11. Ambe- i love it for that reason too…and no I am sure it doesn’t go over well today. But we need to hear it..apply it. I am loving looking at this book a little closer. Do you want to jump in..would love to hear your thoughts as well?

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