Worship with me..

Hope you all had a great weekend…If you have a chance to worship corporately today..DO IT! and if you don’t..you can worship with me…with Todd Agnew-Grace like Rain, and Delirious-Majesty….Peace and love…




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5 responses to “Worship with me..

  1. We have had a great weekend – we went to the movies last night! Fireproof! We double-dated with a couple you know! heh heh! our church had sold close to 500 tickets! they filled up 2 1/2 theaters!

    The four of us went to Red Robin for burgers afterwards – a blast!

    The movie was tremendous – very well done!

  2. tam

    papa – red robin has THE. BEST. fries. and with ranch…mmmm-mmmm!

    had a fantabulous weekend!

    love you, Princess!

  3. Beautiful worship. I love you, Darla!

  4. I’d love to worship with you! Anytime!

    Great song choices btw. 😉

  5. Again? Wonderful, thank you!!! And again I’m a day late, but it doesn’t matter. Like you said, God will work out the details of time and space. Lord bless you today!

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