Saturday Funnies….

Aren’t you glad that GOD does not play ‘Weakiest Link”??  I think I can do a Happy Dance just about that!!  Oh and People skills, HE created them! Have a great Saturday…smile … leave me something to smile or laugh at!



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9 responses to “Saturday Funnies….

  1. Does it only apply to the south? I live in the north, but – I do live in southern Michigan. hummmm?

  2. HEY! YEAH!! Why the South gate???

    Between this comic and Nor’s post, I’m getting a bit paranoid here!


  3. naaaaaaaaaaa nothing you

  4. Hee hee!

    G’morning, Darla!

    I’m all smiles.

  5. tam

    tooooo funny!!!!

    happy weekend!

  6. Haha –

    At church today – the pastor (pastor’s son, actually – he’s hysterical) cracked everybody up with this:

    “God feels. Did you know that? God has emotion. The Bible says that God weeps. Psalms (?) says that God laughs. Did you know God laughs? … He laughs at some people more than others …”

    haha Love you!

  7. Ha! that’s a good one.

  8. DaRonn

    Well. If people skills are a requirement to get into heaven man I have a lot of work to do! I have always felt like the weiner in the steakhouse when it has come to that area. Guess you could say it is not my spiritual gift but over the years I have gotten a ton better at it.

    Thanks for the joke.

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