Blogged Bible Study – John 16 “why trouble?”

Since John 16 starts with “All this I have told you…” I really need to back up into the last part of 15 to get the whole picture.

15: 18-16:4  Jesus explains to the disciples that if the world hates them, it is because of HIM. They hated HIM to without reason.  And ulitmately the reason was because they did not know HIS Father who sent HIM. We are never greater than HE, so we shouldn’t be surprised when this happens.  HE gives this warning so the disciples and us do not stray away from HIM when it happens.  Constantly remembering what 15:1-17 has instructed, to abide/remain in HIM.

I found this interesting and worth taking a closer look;

John 16:1-4 “All this I have told you so that you will not go astray. They will put you out of the synagogue; in fact, a time is coming when anyone who kills you will think he is offering a service to God. They will do such things because they do not know the Father or me.  I have told you this, so that when the time comes you will remember that I warned you.  I did not tell you this at first because I was with you.”

All of this did take place for the disciples in their futures, it also is still happening around the world.  Believers are being persecuted and killed for thier faith…no other reason, they haven’t found a criminal act for such punishment. Although, in many countries, believing that Jesus died for our sin and rose again and it returning for us…is a crime.

Thinking of Americans…who have yet to face that type of persecution, we still face the wrath of professing believers, who believe they are doing what God wants them to do.  Spiritual Abuse is rampant in America.  Professing believers, persecuting other believers.  I have been extremely distraught over this at times.  I was asked to leave a church because of teaching preteens who they are in Christ, and attributes of God.  Why? I asked that many times.  Now I sit and look at these verses…Just because someone attends church, or is there every time the doors are open, does not make them a Christ Follower.  *sigh*  I see many people straying away from the faith, due to this activity that is not from God.  We have been warned.  Just like the disciples…

John 16:33 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace.  In this world you will have trouble.  But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

Why so surprised at trouble in the world? Why so surprised when its directed at us?  We have been warned…Abiding/remaining in HIM is where peace lies, and its ours.  HE has overcome the world!  Another phrase of Christ that tells me the battle is won…its over the ending is finalized.  Again…we aren’t home yet!

There is much in this chapter about the sending and recieving of the Holy Spirit.  Sweet!  and through out this week I hope to touch on that. *sigh*  this is just one post.  Get in the word, read it, pray over it, ask and HE will help you to understand…its not just history, its for YOU.  Peace.

(this is the first of many posts on this chapter this week, please go here and read the rest, I am anxious to read them myself! )



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11 responses to “Blogged Bible Study – John 16 “why trouble?”

  1. The past several years i have been striving to follow Christ as closely as i can – He wants us to follow him and be Holy – I am thankful that He is leading me. I want to abide in him.

    Love you papa….me too. But in this world we will have trouble…not my words but HIS…will check in with you later 😉 darla

  2. You know, Darla, I’ve always expected to be persecuted by those outside the “sanctuary.” But when I think back over the difficulties we’ve experienced, they’ve come from professing Christians.

    I was working for a Christian organization in my early twenties and came under some of the worse persecution I’ve ever been dealt . I was so distraught by the gossip and underhandedness of my coworkers, I finally sought the help of my pastor. Once he understood exactly where I worked, he let me know I was in the snake’s nest, in the vicinity of the queen viper. (Do snakes have queens like bees??)

    He wasn’t being judgmental, just letting a young, enthusiastic Christian know that not everyone who bears the name, understands His ways. That was a very difficult lesson to learn. But I must say, I’ve seen it over and over again.

    Somehow we think if we do what we do “in the name of Jesus” it’s OK. Spiritual abuse is one of the ugliest types of abuse, IMO.

    Love you, Darla. Thanks for this clear teaching from the Word.

    Michelle, thanks for your kind comment. I have a better outlook on these things than I did just a couple of months ago. God is good. I am not better than my master, and when I reflect on that HE went through without a reason or cause…except to take away the sin of the world…then its only natural that I should also go through things…Spiritual Abuse has been an eye-opener, and has caused me to see just because they are active in Church doesn’t mean they know HIM. love you too!

  3. The church is it’s own worst enemy in the US today. This is truly deplorable. Not that the ‘outside’ doesn’t pressure us and persecute us to a certain (small) degree … but by and large the Body in the US is masochistic. We tear down and wound those of the same Body, leaving raw wounds in our wake that bread death. Thus, those who ‘used’ to believe fall away – they see no life, no fruit, no love.

    I will say, though, that I see inroads beginning – the Body is beginning to see the division and strife for what it is, and stand against it. The Body is getting stronger as it heals. I am encouraged by this.

    Annie, The true body of Christ, is becoming more apparent, and it is getting stronger. Healing is taking place. I too am encouraged by this. we really need to keep pressing in to the One True God that we know, while remembering to continue learning of HIM. Let nothing stop us from pursueing HIM. love you!

  4. PeregrinJoe

    I too am one who has suffered at the hands of the “saints” as a victim of church abuse. Why do we do that to one another?

    Your post sheds some light on this issue for me and I am thankful for that.

    Joe, don’t you think that God has provided this group, we all seem to have the same heart, seeking HIS face, and coming against much opposition. We know HIS voice, and I hold on to it, even whenothers don’t get it. love you brother..pressing on to win this prize!

  5. Ahh..

    We are human. Our ego gets in the way and then it is all down hill. The next thing you know we are arguing over who’s bible is bigger, and forgetting that there are real people hurting that see us squabbling.

    Until we start acting like Christ to each other (respectful disagreements and discussions instead of brow beating), the rest of the world is going to just laugh at us as we try to change what is going on with the world. They will continue to look at our in-fighting and think, why would we want any part of that. If we as Christ followers would abide in what He taught more, our witness as a unified church would be more powerful than the world could bare.

    Dum De de de dum….
    I long for unity…if not here there, but there is no compromise for the gospel, and to be more like HIM is still th goal. Others hearts must be left in HIS you brother

  6. “If we as Christ followers would abide in what He taught more, our witness as a unified church would be more powerful than the world could bare.”

    Right on Carl.

    We got us some work to do….

  7. at least as a Christian for over 50 years i have it all figured out – and i am right – but please, pretty please do not verify my statement w/mama! Well – maybe i could listen a little more often.

    When Carl speaks scripture i listen – he wants me to understand.

  8. Papa,,,me thinks you need to check out my Post of John 16… It is all from Him, not from me…. 😉

    Umm.. Darla…. You there? Love a sis.

  9. If we are to have peace in Him, then why are there so many evangelicals running around scared today worrying about the outcome of the election?

  10. Bad- I would like to know that too! 😉 I feel fine…dang scott got that song going through my head..”its the end of the world as we know it..I feel fine”
    My guess, and a very uneducated one at that…is if there is no peace..there is sither a crisis of unbelief, or maybe just because they say they know HIM, maybe they don’t. 😯 thanks for the input

  11. What a great idea to respond in the comment! I don’t have that option on Blogger.

    Oh, and I meant to say ‘breed.’ Not ‘bread.’ oops.

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