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Welcome Back Pasturescott!!

For some reason, that God chooses to keep to HIM self, I have become very attached to Pasturescott, and for quite a few months he has been MIA.  God has put him on my heart over and over to pray for him, and to just be my annoying self on his blog.  Pasturescott has returned, and even more a threat to the dark kingdom.  I just love him! Would you all go over and just read his post, and leave him some comment luv?  Honestly, I have never read a thing there that God did not move my heart on something.  I would love to introduce you to my brother, Pasturescott (don’t forget to check out his about page..he’s scripturally sound, and funny too) 

BTW- don’t forget to come back..I would surely miss you all!



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Loving Mercy?

Wondering this morning if anyone loves Mercy?  I know that I work at it.  Some days are easier than others, but do I just LOVE Mercy?  We all love it when it is directed at us, but do we love it while giving it to others?

Micah 6:8  HE has shown you, O man, what is good.  And what does the LORD require of you?  To act justly, and to love Mercy, and to walk humbly with your God.

While reading, I have realized that most feel that they are acting justly, and the will tell you so.  Also they will tell you how very humble they are. LOL  But I don’t read much about mercy being shown to another, unless the person writing is on the recieving end.

If I need to explain to you that I am acting justly, I probably am not.  If I need to tell you that I am humble..I am sure I am not.  Mercy, should be something that falls from our lips without much thought, and our actions should show mercy without someone screaming..I am showing mercy now!

Father God , we are a stiff necked, prideful people, with no remorse while confronting a Holy God.  As I repent of  falling short in this area, I pray that you will soften others hearts, and show them mercy, and through your kindness bring them to repentance.  Teach us how to “act justly” , “love Mercy”, “walk humbly”.  We don’t deserve you, yet you stand with outstretched arms calling us to return to your side, in full repentance, ready to forgive, ready to restore us.  We can’t serve you as a body in unity without doing these things.  I long for the unity.  You are the potter and we are the clay..mold us…teach us, and lead us. Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. In Jesus name, Your princess, who really just wants to do this thing!


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