Daily Archives: November 6, 2008

Holidays are fast approaching!

Already before Thanksgiving even gets here, Christmas things are filling the aisles of stores that I frequent.  This causes me to think about..who, and what will I buy.  *sigh* I hate the commercialism…I hate the pressure…but overall I love the Holiday.  While visiting my brother Ric on his blog…I saw this video, and thought how cool would it be to actually do something worthwhile, and buy a gift for someone who truly needed it.  Not just clothing or food, but something that actually means thier existence. ( i know food could be one of those things too, but lots are doing that)…

watch this…(yea I took it right off Rics blog..love ya man!) and couldn’t we start right here in blogland to show Christ this holiday with a gift that saves lives. Copy and paste the URL and send it to everyone on your email list…we could make a difference



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