Saturday Smiles….



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19 responses to “Saturday Smiles….

  1. hahahahaha I am really funny to me! hahahahaa can you hear me now???

  2. Oops! 😀 That is funny.

  3. I say that to my son alot, when I know he is hearing me but not listening to me…LOL “hey boy..can you hear me now?, how about it take the TV away, can you hear me now?” 😉

  4. He has zapped me now and then when I wasn’t listening! i like our cell phone but usually don’t take it to church.

  5. But But But… Does this mean I can’t blog on my Blackberry while in church?

  6. I mean, what am I suppose to do during the worship time?

  7. Your telling me I need to pay attention?

  8. OK.. But the next time you comment on my blog Sunday morning don’t expect answer.

  9. It could be a good answer also, but you will just have to wait.

  10. papa- I have been zapped as well.. LOL no cell in church…nope I leave it at home

    CK- I thought you went to church on Saturday night…mmmm now i will make sure I don’t comment til after church…LOL I think about when I comment that your phone doesn’t make a sound while you are in a I will think about interrupting God! 😉 Thanks for the hijack! 🙂 I still love it!

  11. tam


    s’all im sayin’

  12. You have 2 new messages, message 1 – Tam this is God, pick up. Helloooooooooo 😆

    I wonder if God’s ring tone is Brickhouse. Hmmmmm

  13. Tam- I didn’t hear you phone ring in all are too funny!

  14. This has got to be a pastor’s cartoon. haha

  15. Very funny!!
    The reality is that the cell phone has become one more intrusion into our lives that hinders the “Be still (quiet) and know that I am God.”
    What if we treated our bibles as we do our cell phones?

  16. lol I like the cartoon… will u do that Saturday Smiles as a regular feature?

    Love you!

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