Worship with me

The beauty of the internet, is that we can worship together via satellite…do you love that?  i look forward to heaven for many things, but mostly for the corporate worship!  If you have time and would like to worship with me today..just do it!  I left three videos, love you all, have a great day of worship, reflection, and rest…God is good, and worthy of all our praise!  Peace



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10 responses to “Worship with me

  1. abellaspectra

    Dear Darla,
    I do love the fact that we can worship together, praise God for the internet, you should check out my blog godspaceblog.wordpress.com

  2. tam


    and AMEN!!

  3. One of my precious memories is having worshiped with three of my daughters from distant states – Darla, Tam & Deb – I pray that today as you worship we still will all worship in heart – though now separated by many miles.

  4. Just sat and worshipped through these somgs. yes worship is more than a song…But I LOVE to give HIM back praise for all HE has done for me..

    Love you Tam! I love worshipping with you!
    Love you Papa! I will not ever forget worshipping with you!

    abellaspectra- welcome! glad you could worship with me, and I will make it to your blog today..corporate worship just a small taste of heaven! 🙂

  5. Thank you, Darla. At home again for church. This type ministry feeds me and helps me to worship with you.

    Love you. 😉

  6. Darla, Just what my heart needed today. To be invited to worship together. Thank you so much. I snagged the first song and posted it.

  7. Theresa. long time..glad you loved it, and you are always invited to worship with me…also happy you liked it so much you snagged it! 🙂

    Michelle- love worshipping with you too! love ya

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE the way you worship w/music!!!! SO DO I !!

  9. I love the way you worship too! Reminds me of heaven … 😀

  10. Love all of these songs! Love YOU! ♥

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