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  1. While that is absolutely true and should be observed by all who are secure in their relationship, the joke does uncover something that we all (men & women) need to be aware of. That is, when we get so lost in our own little world, those around us begin to suffer. They want to know that they are still number one in our life, even if we are focused on something important to us at the moment. That’s why our loved ones (children/spouse/partner) will try to garner some attention.
    It has been my experience that if I will just give some attention to the one asking, they do not demand for long, and they go away feeling comforted.

  2. Just for the record – papa will take snuggles any time!! I have my priorities straight! 😀

  3. Hmph!

    If they wanna snuggle, they better be ready whenever we’re ready!!!

    Just sayin’!

  4. 😆 you all are cracking me up!

    Dale- yes you are very right, wise in your words. I have my hubs attention anytime I need or want it, but its okay for men to have a space, hobby, and time for testosterone(sp? I don’t have any of this so I can’t spell it) to fly.. Women can be so demanding..ya know..I am one and I know. Love you!

    Papa- that is one more thing I love so much about you!! You are a good snuggler…can’t wait to get some snuggling in with you! and mama of course!! love you bunches, and miss you so much!

    Michelle- hahahaha that is so my heart most days..and mostly unwarranted as we have hubs that would do anything for us, and have shown that. Love you!!! your comment made me laugh out loud!

  5. Michelle, too funny!!!
    So what I hear you saying is that if we come to you when you are engaged (the View, Friends, etc?) then we won’t get snugglies either?!?
    Sooo…this is a one way street? 8)
    Oh, yeah!! It is a one way street that we both walk together! My loverly can get a snuggle anytime she wants.

  6. Well, I don’t watch The View (anymore) but certainly don’t bother me when I’m blogging!!!


  7. Haha! There is a time … so true. Dale – wise words. If I can ask – did you always know that? OR did it come with wisdom? And if it did, how long did it take to figure it out? (Not asking about you per-se … more asking with a thought towards another person in my life. 🙂 )

  8. I did not always know it; but, thankfully, I began to learn it early on before my kids reached their teens. I will say more about this in a coming post titled Focused Attention.
    But, to give you hope, let me say that it has been my experience that if there is a hard way to do something, I’ll find it. I’m about the slowest person on the planet when it comes to getting something. So, if I got it, then anyone can get it. 🙂

  9. Funny thing is my wife is not a snuggler…. Yet I am….So if she came to me during a game…. Guess what, off goes the TV… 😉 😉 😯 😀

    I would have to go find a comment I made over at Annie’s, I had to learn to allow God to fill the needs I have, and take the pressure off my wife…. Hang on I will be right back…

  10. Here ya go… Found it….

    Once I learned that I can not put the pressure of my desires or needs on her, I understood that, I must rely on God to supply me with what I need to fulfill my desire. The cool thing is now with the understanding, I am free to find ways to fill up here love quota.
    Of course the hope is that if I free up time for her, she will have more time for me… And the circle goes round and round. God though sustains my love quota during the times my wife and I are out of balance.

    In other words, I look to God first to fulfill my pleasures and desires, because I know nothing of this world can satisfy me. That may sound harsh, but it really is a tremendous weight off my wife’s shoulders…

  11. Carl- when both are going to GOD to fill their needs, and satisfy them, it frees both up and the cycle is good!! love ya

  12. Speakling of snuggly…that boy of Carls is so adorable..dang I just want to play with him on the floor..I bet he giggles good too! Wonder if he can fly when he dreams? 😆

  13. That’s cute! Skipper doesn’t get into all the sports though, his is video games.

  14. Sometimes I help him fly… He loves it. He has a great laugh…The kids laughing is music to my ears.

  15. Yeah. If there isa sweeter music than the sound of laughter from a child, it is only when my wife calls my name.

  16. Hey Darla! Thanks for stopping by and surviving my rant. 😆 It is reasurring to get where I am coming from. He’s not perfect but it is still a good thing.

    I get too involved in football this time of year so snuggling doesn’t even enter the picture. Just one more weekend left and then there will be snuggling all over America. 😀

  17. Loved it! Is that the Amplified Bible translation?

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