Daily Archives: January 3, 2009


Knowing that I need to redo this blog…I am bored with its appearance, soooo I am looking at different ideas…No idea what I want! The Holidays always wipe me out, and wondering …

-How long does it take you to come out of the Holiday blah syndrome?

-Do you have a new plan to attack this new year, or do you just take it as it comes?

-Do you long for normalcy after holidays?

-Have you ever forgotten what day it is? ( I did this yesterday)

-Are you a Christ Follower?

-Do you attend church, why or why not?

-I need a new game to play although acryonms and writing stories on FIF is still my favorite…I need ideas..

Okay, I am in a post Holiday slump..I have my blanky, I have my spot on the couch, I have no plans today(and I don’t want any), I have way to many random questions. Looking at you to give me some ideas and solutions…yah, for real…



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