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Bus Saga

I have a collection of hats, gloves, and scarfs! These little kiddos come so bundled up to the bus stop they can hardly move. Very cute actually. But they leave these things behind, and will not claim them. Behind my seat looks like a yard sale! Not sure how long I need to keep them, but there they are.

My problem kids have all settled down and are now okay with the rules I have on the bus.  Praying for these kids to have someone show them Jesus throughout thier day, and that none will leave here without HIM. 

Driving in the ice is not fun, do-able but not fun. Its always a huge lesson in trust for me, and leaves me exhausted.


-little boy 7 stopped to tell me that he had a birthday and all the things he recieved,WOW that was alot of stuff for a birthday! I told him, “you got a lot for your birthday”…no he didn’t it was all made up, to impress the kids, and he tried it out on me first. Trying not to smile, I told him no one usually gets that much stuff for their birthday. Just be yourself.

-a little boy 9 years old, not sure what is his malfunction, but at times its just evil.  He has promoted to my misbehaving seat, mostly for his own protection but from time to time I need to tell him to be quieter(loud outbursts of something I never heard before..strange), the other boys pound him from time to time, and I feel sorry for him although he starts it everytime.  He asked me if I love Jesus, which kind of was out of no where…and then said his mom does too.  But he thinks Jesus is strange…(now that is the pot calling the kettle black!)  so he is my boy,  up front with me everymorning and afternoon.  He realized yesterday that its not because he is bad, he said “you kind of protect me here huh?”  all I could say was, “I don’t want you to get hurt”.  Don’t know what happened, but he became peaceful, less agitated, almost pleasant. 

The power of GOD, and HIS plan are awesome, I am always amazed at how HE loves these children.  I love them, but HE LOVES them. 

Comic Relief

One of my afternoon stops,  an older Brown Lab, decides he loves the bus..I can see him running to the bus stop even before I am stopped. The little girl gets off the dog gets on…and lays next to my seat. The owners have to come out and pull him off my bus, he does not go willingly.  The kids that are still on the bus, just laugh and laugh..It is funny and predictable.



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