New Ministry Excitement!

I have been blessed to be part of a group of people who are looking to God (by being in the Word), and also gleening from each other.  Philter48 is much more than a forum, it is discussion, articles (blogs for men , women, teens-this one not quite ready), forum style Bible Study, and also other topics following after the Verse Philippians 4:8  Whatever is…  Registration is easy and painless, and you will not be given to spambots, or any solicitation.  Its just a safe place to think and build community with other believers.  Do you have to be a believer?  No, but those are the topics we are looking at..and I do think everyone can benefit from it.

I have been posting on the Womens Blog, and I am excited about what God is doing in me through this.  CPKroboth III has been blogging there on the Mens Blog, and I am sure there is a blessing there for you men. 

There is just so much there, TV/live chat…which can also be used as a chat area, a section in the forum to leave prayer requests (who does not need prayer? that is my question) God has been good in giving Carl and Brian this vision, and providing the support they need to get it going. 

Hoping to see you all there, and hope that you will be as blessed as I am in this.  Join us, we would love to hear your thoughts, encouragements, and your struggles.  Come, do life with me!



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6 responses to “New Ministry Excitement!

  1. Thanks Sis…

    We will be sending a mass e-mail this week about the site. We are planning on doing a live intro to the site on the TV page in the next couple weeks…

    God has been good…We move along in his service.

    Peace and love

  2. I am really enjoying Philter48! I love that it gives me a chance to kick out some questions too..and you all are sooo nice not to laugh at me on the screen.. now if I could figure out how to make my voice tone apparent in my writing..

    It really is a growth time for me, stretching is painful, it helps to know you all are there, and striving to know HIM more and love HIM more too! thanks for all your hard work.

  3. tam

    i have got to get involved and plugged in there!

  4. Please do , Tam. I really like the laid back thing going on there.

  5. Thanks so much Darla! You bring so much to the discussions!

  6. I haven’t figured out the TV thingy yet. I keep clicking on but it’s not working for me. 😕

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