School Is In! the Bus saga continues…

I wish my bus had a smile like that, but we can pretend!  Another school year is well under way.  Some children are the same as last year, some are new, and over all I have a great bunch of kids! I start at 6:30 am and thru the course of a day , approximately 270 kids come thru my bus, twice a day.  Sounds like a lot, but they each have a face, a name, a place to pick them up  and a place to take them home.  WOW God trusts me with that!

Every day, I wonder “why”, you know, why Lord am I here? each year is added more restrictions about what I can say to the children, more is taken away ( i may not hug a crying child, or give a high five for a job well done, no physical contact in anyway). Maybe I am there to pray for them, and that I do.  Maybe I am there to smile for the ones who will not see a smile anywhere else today.

What ever the reason, I am here because I am exactly where God wants me, and even if I never understand completely, I understand that God has a plan, and is in control of every second of my day.  My choice is to join HIM in whatever HE is doing.

Today…HE was nudging me to draw attention to a little girl who rode my Kindergarten bus last year.  This child is never cleaned up, she not only does not smile, she has NO none absolutely any expression ever. She will not answer you, and she is not rude, just silent, eyes never leave the floor, and she is extremely nervous and intimidated, insecure issues seems like an understatement.  So today, I raised attention.  I asked the aide if she knew “Maddie”, she said “I never noticed her before”.  I told her to notice her.  Something is terribly wrong with this child. I mentioned it again to the principal at her school.  I plan on being a real pain! about this until someone looks into what is going on with her.  So tonight when life slows down, and you have a chance to reflect on your day, Pray for Maddie, pray that they will notice her, and that whatever help she needs, she will get quickly. Pray for her safety.  I may not be able to reach out more openly, directly to her, but NO ONE tells God where HE can go, or what HE can do..I know HE hears the prayers of HIS children, and I know HE moved on my heart to DO SOMETHING for her.

Thank you in advance! Jesus loves the little children…all the children of the world..



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7 responses to “School Is In! the Bus saga continues…

  1. charread09

    I am so glad that this little precious cargo “Maddie” is being carried by you. My heart breaks for all the neglected and abused children in this world today. It’s hard to believe there are so many. I feel for you that you cannot hug a child who probably desperately needs one but you are right God will not be shut out from anywhere and He may use you to protect this little girl’s life as well as her destiny.

  2. Char- been a bus driver now this is my third year, I know that God places me in the lives of the ones that HE wants me to reach out to, pray for, or just give a smile too..HE is awesome like that! and HE does love these children. There are more children who live with one parent or in fostercare than one can imagine, probably close to 65% of them.

  3. I’m praying for Maddie. And you. Hoping it’s a good year. Love you, Darla.

  4. thanks Michelle…i think it will be an awesome year! have a great bunch of kiddos..just love them already.

  5. 65%? wow – that’s NOT good. not good times at all.

    Still glad to see you ‘notice’ and care and do what He is leading you to do – within the ‘confines’ of the law. 😉

    As long as we follow His leading and not our own human desires (that can often mislead us into doing things we think good and right but which also lead to further pain) we shall know that we do well and He will be pleased.

    Continue to follow where He leads D.

    And keep ourselves unspotted, without blemish, from the world.


  6. Darla, I love hearing you ‘bus saga’. May God give you creative ways to minister to the kids in spite of the restrictions.

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