A Friday Evening Rant!

Its been a long time since i just ranted..and if you are not into it, STOP reading now!

After work today I just wanted to fuel my bus before putting it away (you know so if someone needs it this weekend its fueled). I sat and waited for 20 minutes while a man at the pump just stood there, insisting it don’t work, because he can’t hear it.  FAIL its working but you have to hold the handle this aint the Minit Market (yes in PA we pump our own fuel)…he has worked there for 20 or more years, its always been that way..OKAY, still rolling with it, patience..yah I am working on it. Two bus drivers tried to cut in front of me..dang! these are full size buses, not little nissan people!  then another driver decides she needs to get around me, instead of going the other way, and now i need to back up to let her past..lost my spot in line for fuel! OKAY..i am not that nice..so i parked the bus, and said i am done for today!

I leave there to go pick up some dinner for my kids. i am a nice mom, want to treat my kids a little..go to Wendys. (the man delivers to wendys, support the cause all that!), the girl rips me off some of my food, about $7.00, and I want her to fix it..but FAIL! she got all ghetto on me..and needless to say Jesus did not come out of my mouth..it was all about ghetto on ghetto..FAIL!

Just so you know, I am staying in my house..I am not going anywhere tonight..and knowing full well, i have FAILED the patience, show them love, and be Christ like, and it took me all of 30 minutes!

Being an Overcomer doesn’t mean that I have it all together, or that crap doesn’t happen to me..it means I am learning to overcome one thing at a time, and knowing when I FAIL, GOD will most certainly give this test again, until I pass it.. **stomps feet**



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17 responses to “A Friday Evening Rant!

  1. I saw a cool t-shirt at the beach a couple weeks ago. apparently it’s a country song…

    God is great;
    Beer is good;
    People are crazy.

  2. b4dguy- I miss you!! i am doing just that tonight, and i want the shirt..

  3. I love it when people “fail” it gives me hope. i usually fail when I’m awake, occasionally when I’m asleep too, but usually don’t remember those….I love that God uses the BIOAKG method…Brush If Off And Keep Going… 🙂

  4. hahahaha me too..do-overs are my favorite tho..i always need them.. just love me!

  5. Ya see, I immediately thought of how much worse this could have been…ummm…if say….that was ME in your situation. You didn’t hurt anyone (physically anyway) and didn’t attempt to run anyone over in a bus…..I say you handled the situation quite well…..and that says a lot, right? 🙂

    In all seriousness though…..Ya gotta love the tests and the fact that they will keep rolling in until we get it. Praying you pass the next. I’d appreciate the same prayer!! 😀

  6. Toby- 😆 that is a good way to look at all this..and I will pray for you to pass whatever tests come your way. I have never been a person who fails tests gracefully..hahaha maybe that is part of my testing. 😉

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  8. thanks Deb..will head over and read your post!

  9. tam

    so you ARE human!


    i kid. i love you, princess. i love your passion for everything in life. everything. God knows we are not gonna be perfect. thats why He gives us new grace and mercies every morning. HOLLA!!!

    all i can say to this is…im in VERY good company!

  10. Tam-HOLLA! good company for me too! I love that new mercy every morning..i hear the truck load backing in my driveway now! 😯

  11. Jesus Delivers to Wendy’s???

    How long has this been going on??



  12. Love- LOL!! well, sort of, but I meant Scott delivers things for Wendys, but God does go with him… 😆

  13. Found this from Debs blog. Hahaha! Laughing *with* you, of course. So what does you going ghetto sound like?? I cannot image that in my brain… it does not compute.

    So, there’s been many times in the past year or so that I’ve wanted an excuse to yell. Where exactly is this Wendy’s with Ghetto girl?

  14. Ric- its definitely a ghetto type talk, with head movements and all! LOL and you can find wendys w/ghetto girl in Elizabethtown, PA OH mY!!!! do search on Youtube for Bon Qui Qui -King Burger that is the most accurate of Ghetto girl! LOL

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