Galations 3-Blogged Bible Study-Are you Bewitched?

This an ongoing study of Galations, and I will be different from the rest, because God made me this way, and I am okay with that. *wink*..please read the other posts on my sidebar under the Blogging Bible Study..I have decided to not post the verses, I will encourage you to look them up, in your Bible, and spend time with the Scripture so that it can speak to you.

I have pondered this first verse of Galatians 3 many times, and always come to the same conclusion. “You foolish Galatians, who has bewitched you?”   Who has bewitched us? Don’t think so?  Look around you..we will argue a play on words, debate different translations, disown people because they do not understand, or maybe they aren’t as educated..who has cast a spell on us? Enchanted us?  If you think for a minute that our modern day culture of Christian is not bewitched, then I beg to differ with you.

Paul is spiritually shaking the Galatians up, reminding them that by faith they are saved, that the blood of Jesus was enough!  That they live by faith, the same faith that saved them, and baptized them with the Holy Spirit.  He reminded them that they are spiritual seed of Abraham, and live under the same promise.  Here is another place that we are bewitched.  Still I hear arguements that we are not allowed to stand on these promises.  Oh yes we are!  Read Gensis 17 and see what is the promise, what is the covenant that was cut by God with Abraham.  No one cuts a deal with GOD, HE will be the only one cutting a covenant. Amen?

Have you ever felt like you didn’t quite fit in? trying to prove yourself?  I have been here, I spent many years just trying to fit into the body of Christ.  Only to have my GOD sit me down and tell me straight up..”you are part of the body of Christ, you are already in, you have nothing to prove here, stand on my promises, I don’t lie”…

In the last few years, the biggest lesson I have learned is to run everything through scripture, and everything into the throne room, then wait for HIM to instruct me.  Commentaries are great! love them! multiple translations are fun! GOD knows how my brain works, HE created it, so its best for me to rely first and foremost on HIM.  Then no one can bewitch me..or you.

We live by faith and not by sight…

Faith/Believing God credits us righteousness..

Jesus finished the job at the cross, HE didn’t leave anything undone…

GOD has made us promises that are ours, but HE requires us to believe HIM…

Who has bewitched you? We have forgotten how to be one in Christ..HE prayed for our unity, and still we have none, I still believe that the Son of GOD gets everything HE asks for, and that Paul mentioning this also means we should have it!



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7 responses to “Galations 3-Blogged Bible Study-Are you Bewitched?

  1. Isn’t it the nature of bewitching that the one so duped does not know?
    The only way out is to get in the Word for oneself.
    One of the problems you almost touched on in this post is the sound of too many voices. Teaching is great; commentaries are great; study helps are great. But we each need to first learn how to hear the voice of the Spirit within.
    Thanks, Darla.
    Good word.

  2. Dale, always awesome to read your comments, everyone doesn’t understand what i am saying, but you do. thanks! When it comes to being duped, God is the one who breaks through, and at those times we don’t need a “QuickVerse” or an excellent commentary, we need HIM. love ya brother

  3. It is not only the many commentaries, translations, and teachings that bewitch us. But the noise of the world. We fall pray to the “do it all do it yourself for yourself” attitude of the world. The only way out of the is through God’s word.

    Peace and Love sis.

  4. Yeah, I hear ya sista. If we could just stop worrying about being right, and care more about what God says is right, it sure would be alot easier….I think there is a time and place for study, and discussion, iron sharpens iron. But we all need to accept where people are and not try to take them somewhere until God is ready. Let God show people the truth of things…it’s in His job description. It’s the only way to keep it from being about us. There are many many things that can bewitch and distract, cause us to get prideful. It’s when we start caring more about judging others, and changing another more than ourselves, that the real problems begin. Great thoughts here. 🙂

  5. Carl- the noise of the world is also the many different well meaning people we listen to..Anything that takes a place higher than GOD in ones life is making too much noise! 😉

    Debs- you are right, there is nothing wrong with study..just when we start to be the HS and try to determine a plan for them to grow, or get it..we are over the line at that point. So much easier to Let GOD be GOD, and everyone should be following after HIM.

  6. Great stuff! I don’t want to be “bewitched” by anything. Great reminder.

  7. thanks for commenting Bernard I finally updated my blogroll, sorry it took so long. I don’t want to be bewitched either!

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