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Sex, drugs, and rock n roll

Just kidding ! Well rock n roll still lives here! Randomness is on.. You’ve been warned!

Life is new. I’m awake, taking in all that’s new with hope of a new beginning.  Feeling random. It’s been a long time since a good random rambling! Here we go, hold on….

Ever meet someone and there eyes are incredible and sparkly. Lol yes I did stare! Beautiful blue sparkly eyes! 

Ever randomly decide to buy coffee and go to the river? Yes, I do that.

Ever break 

Keep losing my post… Dang iPhone! I really need to get my Mac fixed..


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Check this out!


I met Solomon here and he is a twin..Caleb and Sol, their new CD (Afloat) is releasing NOW. These guys are really good, and so awesome with reaching out with the Gospel through music and video. This video is labeled “Barabbas”, never have I applied him to myself. But the message in this video is worth the seven minutes it takes. You won’t walk away from it feeling like you lost seven minutes, you will gain something of Grace, that is priceless! Thanks Sol for sharing with me.

You can order the Cd and listen to tracks over at http://calebandsol.com  Check it out!

Here is a taste of the sound that these bros. have..love it!


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