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Just Believe

God has a plan, and we just need to surrender to it.  God is still God, and His plan is still in motion, with or without our surrender.  I think at times we forget this.  We are the created, and He is the Creator.  Everything moves along His timeline.  So many things happen that we just don’t understand.  Maybe we are not supposed too.

God asks us to rest in Him, to accept the gifts He has already given to us.  








*Adoption into His family


If we (I) truly believed God, these things would flow out and saturate those around us…24/7

This year, I want to believe God more than ever before….



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In the end of December/Beginning of January, a blogger wrote a post about One Word that was on your heart, for the new year, not a resolution just a word. Every year end I pray for God to give me something that will help me into and thru the new year.  Sometimes its been verses i  needed to commit to memory, that at some point in the year, i ended up leaning on with all being.  Yeah, HE does that when we ask.

But this year He gave me a word.  SURRENDER.  Ahhhhh the longer i thought on it, the more mixed my thoughts became.  I know that my heart is surrendered to HIM as my King, my Creator, and LORD.  But it seemed to mean something else…so casually i put it aside.  

As every other year, the year moves on, and soon I am faced with exactly why I need that one thing God has given me.

I learned a long time ago that people fail me, and all my decisions/choices are mine.  But God never fails me.

I have been going thru lots of ups and downs, with changes in my life that just had to change.  Health issues with family.  With each and every heart ache, disappointment, or discouragement, HE stood before me reminding me to SURRENDER these things to HIM.  Its not about how well i can take care of me or the ones i love.  We all belong to HIM, and HE is doing things we just don’t always understand.  

SURRENDER…getting my hands off it, laying down at HIS feet, and leaving it there with HIM..SURRENDER…A lesson I am sure i will continue to learn.  Things are going well in our lives, and some rough spots are still in front of us, but breathing easy is due to SURRENDER…


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Worship with me-Start with Honesty







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I may be as dense as the fog…

Since coming to the LORD, and asking HIM to shake it all out, turn it upside down, and create in me a clean heart…life has drastically changed.  About the time my complacency sets in, everything turns upside down again.. Postitve that is a prayer HE will honor.

Over the past few years, HE has been showing me how much I am in HIS hand, and how very safe I am.  Its a wonderful thing to just know, that nothing or no one can take me from HIS hand.

Today, our temps were above freezing, but very dense fog..little did I know that the road temp was still freezing. So the fog was acting like freezing rain where ever it was dense.  My first time around a sharp bend it was not frozen, the second time, the bus slid sideways, and I saw the telephone pole, and although I would like to take credit for the smooth driving back to safety, I can’t. It was not manuverable in a full size bus that doesn’t bend in the middle.  This happened right after another bus driver hit my mirror with his, and the noise was so loud, and the mirror is in tact, not even a scratch.  

This is the third time that I had an experience that was life threatening in a vehicle, and my peace was in tact, and left the scene wondering what just happened.  The third time that I heard his small voice aftewards, “No one can take you out of my hand, I am big enough, I am strong enough, is that enough for you?” 

Whoa! praying that I got it that time, and that it resonates in every little crevice of my heart, and mind.  God has a plan, and I don’t know it, but I do know that HE can take care of me, and HE knows the way. I love HIM so!  Life is not do-able for me without HIM.

Thank you to all those who pray me through each day. (my philippians study will be up later this evening..just had to share 🙂  )


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Desire = suffering?

Today while reading Experiencing GOD Day-by-Day, by Henry & Richard Blackaby, something hit me differently than ever before in this passage.

Matthew 16: 24 Then Jesus said to his disciples, “if anyone desires to come after ME, Let him deny himself, and take up his cross and follow ME.”  

So many have been fed a gospel that is comfortable, and requires no suffering, then when these things happen, they walk away from God.  Sounding off about how HE did not fulfill HIS promises, and the Christian walk just doesn’t work.  If you feel this have been misled!  This walk isn’t comfortable most of the time, and suffering is par for the course…really.  Jesus suffered to bring us salvation, and we, too, will suffer as we spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We are not now nor will ever be greater than our master.  

Still desire HIM?  I hope you say yes.  Although at times, we cry out with pain, we have a constant friend who is closer than a brother, the Holy Spirt.  HE will guide us, comfort us, teach us, and intercede for us.  The benefits of knowing Christ, and making HIM known are far greater than any suffering.  Just look around you…this world is cursed, and its going to fall apart. You can’t stop it, you can try, but you can’t stop it.  All the petitions and phone calls to your congressmen and senators is not going to change the course that God has already laid out.  HIS plan does not have flaws.  

The one who truly desires HIM, is carrying thier cross(what ever that may be), and believing that HE is worth it!  I believe that HE is worth it.

Father God, please hear our cries for your mercy on us and the world around us. Please help us to walk in step with your Spirit, to deny ourself and pick up our cross. Life in this world is so temporal in comparison to an eternity with YOU.  Yes, YOU are worth it.  Help us to stand strong, help us to be lights to a dying world. Please unveil the eyes of the ones that are misled about you. Give them and us a hunger for your Word, and to believe with all our hearts its Truth.  Your princess who believes you are worth it, and we just are not home yet.


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Worship…with me


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